Resolutions Continued: Organization 101

So I’ve pretty much kept on track for part 1 of my New Years Resolution. I’ve been eating healthier, and hitting the gym whenever possible (though I tell you between sick kids and a busted hot water heater, the days were few and far between for awhile). As these things are becoming habits I am now turning more of my focus onto another very important resolution: organization.

“A place for everything, and everything in it’s place” This is a concept that I have no problem wrapping my mind around..but my kids, they are a different story. Since we’ve had such a hard time with this in my house, Mom has made an executive decision that if it doesn’t have a place – she find’s one for it – in the garage sale bin. I have bins in our basement for donating to charity & for our annual garage sale. If we have too much, then something needs to go. Trying to buy new, and never get rid of the old is what’s gotten us to the place where I feel overwhelmed when it comes to cleaning. Let’s just say right now, we are on track to pay for summer vacation with what’s in the bins!

“Get ‘er Done” I cannot even begin to tell you the ‘to do list’ I have in my planner. I have posters frames I need to purchase, and pictures that need hung, photo albums to put together, even a dresser for my son that’s been sitting in the box since November! 

Have a Workable Task List/To Do List” Having a list for everything, from cleaning to a grocery list makes life a LOT easier. I get a lot of my printables from Lisa over at Organize365. Having a list to follow, and check off, makes it a lot easier to stay on task. It especially helps with my absent mindedness – this way, I can’t forget!

“Change” When it comes to change, I’m usually not that hip on it. Though I love the idea of a clean organized home, the idea of change – not to mention the how – is always scary to me. I’ve found some great ideas (especially for the kids rooms) from IHeart Organizing.

Unapologetically take control of your time and priorities” I know that I can’t do any of the above without taking control and making certain things a priority. I know that I need to balance my need for perfection and realizing that I have 3 young kids, and a full-time job! There are times when the laundry won’t be done, when their toys and books will be laying all over the floor. I’m going to enjoy them while I can, because one day I’m gonna’ miss it!

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2 Responses to Resolutions Continued: Organization 101

  1. Organize 365 says:

    So excited you have found helpful solutions on my blog! Great post!

  2. Gabriellen says:

    I’m glad I checked on this, just really in time for something I really need right now. Great post. Thanks!

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