Reindeer Brownies – Perfect for Santa

Santa (along with Mom & Dad) could really use a  yummy treat to keep them going on Christmas Eve. Check out these super  cute Reindeer Brownies that the kids can make for Santa’s treat!
Your favorite chewy brownie recipe, baked and completely cooled (like my favorite one you can find here)
Small Pretzels
Wilton Candy Eyeballs
1 package Red Sixlets candies (I found mine at Wal-Mart in the Holiday baking section)
4 tablespoons powdered sugar
1 teaspoon water
Ziplock Bag

First, begin with your favorite batch of chewy brownies. I like to use the Nestle Toll House Cocoa Chewy Brownie Recipe, but any chewy brownie recipe will work. The trick is to line your pan with aluminum foil and then grease the foil. Prepare and bake your brownies as usual and cool completely.

Once your brownies are cool, you are ready to assemble your reindeer. Since your pan is lined with foil, simply lift the foil and brownies out of the pan. Remove the foil and place the “brick” of brownies on a cutting board.


Using a heart shaped cookie cutter, cut out the brownie hearts.

Place the powdered sugar and water in a ziplock bag. Knead with your hands until mixed well. Snip the end of the bag to create a small opening to pipe the frosting onto the brownies.

Add a dab of frosting to the eyes and attach to the brownies and do the same with the red sixlets to create a nose.


For the antlers, you can cut or break pretzels, or leave them whole and press them into the side of the brownie. I didn’t use any frosting because the brownies were chewy enough to keep the antlers in place.

Let frosting set and serve!

One 9×13 brownie pan will make 18-24 reindeer brownies. It really depends on the size of your heart cutter. My cutter is about 2.5″ square.

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