Quit Smoking in 2017 with These Unbelievable Tips

Smoking is a habit that most people hate. This is mostly due to direct and indirect impact it has on people. You don’t even have to be smoking yourself; as long as you’re in vicinity of someone who does, you will be affected.

Although it is really hard to quit this habit (due to accessibility) there are definitely ways you can do it.

Most people who tried to quit smoking will tell you that it is all about strength of will: you shouldn’t waver at any point. But there is another factor that needs to be regarded and that is your overall state of mind and body.  Like with any other vice, it is important to be healthy and on top of your game. In fact, if you’re in good conditioning, cigarettes will become a burden.

Let’s check some of the best ways you can quit smoking today.


  1. Be prepared mentally

In a way, quitting a vice can be a lot of work. This means you have to be prepared for the whole process both mentally and physically as it will take a while for the results to show. In terms of psyche, people who are suffering from mental issues such as depression, low self-esteem or some other severe problems in their life should start quitting process. Instead, make sure to deal with everything that is holding your back and then you can begin. There is no point in starting if you can manage for several months only to relapse. This will affect your confidence and make the next quitting process that much harder.


  1. Get your body in shape

Like with mental part of preparation, your body needs to be strong and resilient. Going cold feet may prove to be very stressful. This means that your body will also be under a lot of scrutiny and do not be surprised if you fall ill due to bad immunity. In order for everything to go smoothly, start exercising. There is another benefit to being in shape. Unless you’re training at home, it will force you to move around, get some fresh air and be active. These are all small things that can prove to be extremely valuable later on.


  1. Think about diet

Diet is something that can definitely improve your overall shape. Make sure to eat more things that are nutritive but also, things that make you happy. If you have, eat more candies as long as it makes it easier to go through non-smoking. However, you will have to be careful; there is no point in substituting one vice with another. Diet can be very important when it comes to certain groceries. Most smokers have certain food and drinks that they consume with cigarettes. Coffee is one of the biggest culprits in that sense. If you manage to eliminate or at least reduce consumption of some of these drinks/foods, you will manage to control your process better and to reduce chance of relapsing.


  1. Consider substitutions and blockers

Over the course of time there were a lot of different products that were supposed to help us quit smoking. Patches, chewing gums, e-cigarettes based on e-juice were just some of them. Although these products have limited effect and in case of some individuals no impact whatsoever, you should definitely consider using some of them. Even if you try and it does work at least you gave it a short. However, if it works, the whole quitting may turn out to be really easy.


  1. Get a dog

I already mentioned how exercises and going out can be important. Here is another tip: get a dog. By getting a puppy, you will have a daily commitment. Occasionally, dogs can be so demanding that you will lose whole day just taking care of one. Walking a dog is also important as it will get you out of the house. As you well know, it is easier to go for smokes while you’re bored. Dog gives you a new, more natural perspective and can be just the right mental support you require.

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