Questions to Ask Yourself Before Plastic Surgery

Any type of surgery that you undergo is serious – and should always be thought over, and decided 100% before following through, especially if it is for cosmetic purposes only. Before jumping in to go under the knife, here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself.

Does the Possible Positives Outweigh the Possible Negatives?

As I mentioned -every surgery comes with risks. You should get several opinions, and talk to several Doctors regarding the advantages, concerns and the recovery of a surgery that you are thinking of having.

Have You Considered Alternatives?
For a lot of issues that require plastic surgery , there  can be alternative actions. Behavioral changes like diet and exercise are a good alternative; because guess what? Plastic surgery is not just a get skinny quick scheme. Your body goes through quite a racket and recovery can be long and painful. What is worse than not having surgery? Having it, then gaining back all the weight because you didn’t prepare yourself for the ‘recovery’ portion of your surgical procedure.

Do You Have Realistic Expectations?

Cosmetic surgery can definitely work some wonders, however, it’s not a fix-it-all. You have to have realistic expectations. Will anything really be any different after your surgery? Do you plan to be more accepted by your friends and peers because of it? Do you think you will become more successful? Be honest with yourself and consider how it will make a positive (or possibly negative) difference in your life.

Are You Being Honest with Your Doctor?

You absolutely MUST be 110% honest with your Doctor when discussing your lifestyle, and health. From smoking, to vitamins and herbal supplements, you must be honest with your Doctor so they can do the correct  calculations for making sure the surgery is successful AND that you recover fully – but also to give you an idea of what to expect.

Have You Done All Your Research?

Research is super important, you need to know the in’s and out’s of the surgery that you are wanting to have. You need to know the procedures (the do’s and don’ts) how it’s performed, the risks and recovery associated with it, and of course vet your plastic surgeon. Are they board certified? How experienced are they? Do they have quality references? Do you feel comfortable with them? Can you honestly talk with them and ask questions? This is all very important research to have done before even thinking about scheduling a surgery date. Consider a well known and respected surgeon like Farrior Facial Plastic Surgery.

Will Surgery Really Help You Reach Your Goal?
Are there real, life changing goals, that can be reached by this surgery? Maybe excess skin removal from losing a lot of weight, or breast reduction to help ease your back pain? If you expect plastic surgery to change your life – to change your personality or finally give you self esteem, you could be disappointed. You need to determine if maybe it is something you need to work on from the inside out, before your surgery, or if it will really help.


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