Protect Your Vehicle with the VersaVia Seat Cover

This is a sponsored post on behalf of VersaVia. Though I was compensated with free  product for my time, all opinions are my own.

As many of you know I recently got a new vehicle – so obviously I am a bit concerned about keeping my new vehicle new for as long as possible…which with kids, well that’s more than just a challenge. Especially with my 7 year old – who likes to snack in the car and then leave his mess behind him. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I’ve found smushed and smashed up food in my seats! Trust me, it’s not the easiest to clean up either. So when I was offered the chance to review the VersaVia car seat protector, I was ecstatic.


The VersaVia Back seat cover not only  helps protect your vehicle from your kids mess, but also to avoid seat tears and punctures and scrapes from car seats and other cargo. What I love about the VersaVia is the secure nonslip backing and seat anchors to keep the cover from budging.

The custom material holds dirt and moisture without soaking in (talk about a win!) So if you are transporting dirty wet kids (or pets) you still don’t have to worry about your seats getting wet or muddy.


The other great thing about the VersaVia is that it fits most vehicles; it has a fitted skirt that wraps all the way around the bottom and sides of the seat. It’s also really easy to clean most messes  clean up with a damp cloth, vacuums easily without having to remove it, but if you need to you can pull it off and throw it right in the wash!

The VersaVia comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY – if you have any issues, contact them RIGHT AWAY, and they will make it right!


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