Protect Your Electronics with intelliGLASS Screen Protectors

Don’t you hate that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you drop your phone – or someone drops something on it – and you pick it up to see the screen has cracked?! This happened to me last year when we were on vacation. The screen protector I was using was peeling off, and my case wouldn’t allow me to charge the phone properly with it on. So I plugged my phone in and laid my phone on the night stand, pretty much just like I do at home. Only problem here? In the great state of Florida, all around the beaches, you tend to find tile floors everywhere. So when my alarm went off and I reached up half asleep to turn it off – and BAM! It hit, and it hit hard. 

The year before that my screen got all jacked up from being thrown in my purse with well, everything in my purse, one too many times.

Why I never purchased a quality screen protector to protect such an expensive investment, I have no idea. But I finally found a a screen protector that is everything I need it to be with intelliGlass. intelliGLASS is the leading line of screen protectors from intelliARMOR that are crafted with a unique layering process that makes it unique to any other screen protector out there.

A silicone base layer sticks to your phone or tablets screen easily without bubbles, and leaves no residue behind. That has always been my biggest issues with screen protectors – I don’t want to know it’s there; other screen protectors leave so many bubbles, I’ve literally pulled it off and thrown it away a day after applying it!



It has an ultra-hardened REAL Glass layer that has been treated to have a greater scratch resistance than steel (so even if you are like me and throw your phone in with your car keys, they won’t scratch it!)

And as if this screen protector isn’t great enough I think my favorite part is the oil and smudge resistant outer layer that repels fingerprints (and make up!) and makes cleaning the phone’s screen super easy! I was always embarrassed because if you spend any significant amount of time talking on your phone (like I  do), no matter how awesome your make-up, it makes a hot mess on your screen (I think it’s from the heat of the phone – even if I don’t have make-up on, it gets hot and sweaty!) Before I would literally have to get cleaner to get it off,but with the intelliGlass screen protector all I have to do is take a tissue or soft cloth and viola! it’s gone.



You can  get a great deal on any intelliGLASS screen protector on Amazon – and get 2 day FREE shipping if you have Amazon prime!

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