Party Time Sliders – with Girl Carnivore

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to meet up with Girl Carnivore at our local Kroger and put together a recipe for party time sliders – literally right outside the store! It was fun getting to know Kita and learning more about a brand I have grown to love.  Kita’s free spirit and outgoing personality is what really makes her THE Girl Carnivore! If you aren’t familiar with her or her blog, well,  let’s just say – you should be.

Kita is a food writer and recipe developer who’s knocking down barriers on the food scene and delivering quality carnivorous recipes to aspiring cooks and savory enthusiasts who want to play with food as much as she does. Kita brings top-notch seasonal eats twice weekly showcasing drool-worthy photography and an approachable delivery that inspires curious at-home cooks to take on the challenges of preparing their own meal one recipe at a time. Kita Roberts has been dishing up and writing about good eats since 2010, when she launched Since then, she has been featured all over the web on sites such as ​Huffington Post​ | ​Bon Appetit ​ | ​FoodGawker​ | ​TasteSpotting ​|​Tasteologie ​| ​Food Porn Daily​ | ​FoodBuzz​ |  ​Serious Eats​ |​Baking is Hot​ | ​Dishfolio ​| ​Ladies Home Journal​ | ​Girls Life Magazine​, to name a few. Kita works with brands like Wisconsin Cheese, ​Omaha Steaks​, McCormick, to provide quality content and recipes for their shared audience and is a ​Char-Broil All-Star blogge​r. And is a repeat judge for the ​Delaware Burger Battle​. With a strong social following, Girl Carnivore showcases fresh recipes twice weekly and engages in fun banter with readers on all things under the protein umbrella.

I helped Kita put together some sliders, and I love that you can eat them either like a deli sandwich, or throw them in the oven with some butter and herbs and melted cheese and have a bit heartier of a meal. This would be a great recipe for any get together, or if you need a quick and delicious dinner for your family (think rushing to eat before a soccer or baseball game? BAM! Done in no time!)
We used Prime Fresh  meats, which is one of my favorite lunch meats. Not only does Prime Fresh give you that deli quality, but they give it to you in a hurry! Prime Fresh meats are pre-packaged, without that icky-pre-packaged-meat-taste! Deli lunch meat quality and flavor without the deli line?? YES PLEASE!
You can Prime Fresh products at Kroger and other participating stores in the packaged meat section – near Smithfield bacon!

Right now you can print a coupon off their site for $1.00 OFF ANY 2! 

1 package fluffy dinner rolls or Hawaiian style rolls, about 6 to 12 rolls depending on size
12 slices Prime Fresh Honey Ham or Oven Roasted Turkey
Dill pickles
Fresh herbs (chives preferred)
Tomato slices
2 TBSP Mayo
Sliced Cheese (cheddar or Havarti)
Sliced red onion
Green leaf lettuce

Find this recipe, and others like it at


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8 Responses to Party Time Sliders – with Girl Carnivore

  1. This sounds like a great game day snack. I’m plant based, but my family is not and I am certain they would enjoy these. I can’t wait to make them for them.

  2. I’ve never heard of Girl Carnivore before. Over the years the quality of the cold cuts we use has become very important, I do love deli quality but don’t like the long lines that come with it if you go at the wrong time.

  3. Theresa says:

    Party Time Sliders would be a great addition to our 4th of July menu! Thanks for the coupon. I’ll be sure to stock up at Kroger this weekend!

  4. Peter says:

    Oh how we love sliders! These are always a welcome dish in our house. Thanks for the coupon

  5. katrina gehman says:

    sliders are amazing. i’ll have to try these out.

  6. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    These sliders would be great to serve my boys (and their friends) when they are done with sports practice. Healthy and filling. Saving this recipe idea. Thanks!

  7. My Teen Guide says:

    Nice! I love sliders and this would be perfect for small family get-togethers. Thank you for sharing the coupon. That will really come in handy when I stock up on their Honey Ham, Smoked Ham and Roast beef!

  8. We don’t have a Kroger store near us, but this party time sliders sure looks delicious and easy enough to make! Great addition to a summer party we’re doing in a couple weeks!

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