Our Tech Free Summer

“UHH MOM, YOU’RE SOO MEAN!” – that’s the first thing that comes out of my daughter’s mouth when I tell her it’s time to get off the computer (or the iPod, or the iPad, or the Kindle Fire, or the laptop….) She dirty looks me, and stomps off.

This turned into a daily, (or several times a day) occurrence. My husband took away her computer for a month after one of these fits – and after several days of complaints and “But MOMMM it’s SOO UNFAIR’s”, she started reading again. Playing with her sister & brother. She smiled. She back talked still, but not nearly as often.

I was soo proud. After the month I figured she learned her lesson and I started letting her use her computer again. Wow, she couldn’t believe she lived without stalking her friends Facebook page, or reading Taylor Swift’s tweets every 5 minutes!!!! She was soo happy to have it back.

But that was short lived.



The attitude was back. The huff’s, and foot stomping and door slamming was back…., and I’d had enough.

I made my way up to her room to confiscate her computer and iPod. I told her she was grounded again. 

“How long this time Mom?” she whined as she followed me around the house for what felt like hours. “I don’t know yet”, was my first response, which turned into “until school starts again.” She was shocked, but she’s dealing with it. I love seeing her books out, and she’s actually – GASP – playing outside!

It’s been 6 weeks already, and though we have our moments, she is my sweet girl again. She will ask for her iPod back, to get online to ‘check something’, but I’ve held out. (Though I will get online with her if it’s something urgent, since school is still in session).

As for me? Though I am on the computer 8+ hours a day at work plus I do have some blogging/ and sweeping to do at night, my phone goes into sleep mode from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. Those hours are reserved for my kids – we make dinner together, we play outside, we are a family again. I love technology, but I love not having it even more.

In fact, I love it so much I’m thinking the T.V. may be next to go!!!

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8 Responses to Our Tech Free Summer

  1. love love LOVE this idea. Although we aren’t there yet (kids are too young) I know it is inevitable

  2. Way to go sticking to your guns!

  3. sally guenterberg says:

    Several years ago we took the tv out for about 3 years. We brought it back up one day when we were having company to put the game on for them and it has stayed since! The good ol’ days…

  4. Alison says:

    There are many days I feel the exact same way – my daughter is 7 going on 16 I think. She has her iPod my husband got for her and then we got tablets that she takes everywhere with her (breakfast table, dinner table, to the bathroom to her bed – I mean everywhere). we have taken it away from her and we have had to make her go outside to play – I just feel like she shouldn’t be acting this way – but she is her father’s daughter – I was outside all the time, but then we did not have computers growing up – it will just get worse, I think. Way to stick to your right way!

  5. rachel rohde says:

    my son does that too and he is only 4. i think i am in a world of trouble.

  6. md kennedy says:

    I wish more parents had the “gaul” to do this! I am so sick of my nieces and nephews ignoring everyone at family events in favor of their pods/pads/phones. I think it is rude, but apparently my brothers and sisters don’t…

  7. Cassandra Huber says:

    You are an awesome mom! She will thank you for forcing her to be a normal child and read books and play outside like kids are supposed to do later. 🙂

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