Your One Stop Sport Shop: Dicks Sporting Goods

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Vocalpoint and DICK’s Sporting Goods ®all opinions are my own.

As a busy working Mom life can get well, a bit hectic. Time is always of the essence and I never repeat never ever have enough time to do everything that I want to do. I am just one person, and however much I want to be considered a super hero , I’m not. I am just a sleep-deprived, coffee guzzling Mom who is always one step behind (or so it seems).

Now you would think with my busy life that I wouldn’t add more things to make it well, you know, busier. But I sign up my kids for everything they want to do (anything that keeps them from roaming the internet or playing video games all day) even if it puts a lot more work on me. So with me trying to make it to the gym 3x a week,  my oldest involved in the newspaper, yearbook and drama club, my middle child in band, chorus, cheer, girls on the run and soccer, adding baseball again this year to my youngest ones already busy schedule seemed like it would be a piece of cake (insert sarcasm here).


If  your kids have ever played sports you know the lists of ‘must haves’ and ‘really really want’ gets pretty long. At the beginning of the season our sports equipment list is as long as my grocery list! To save time and money we have become loyal shoppers at Dicks Sporting Goods.

This year my son went from t-ball to baseball, which can be a big change for a little guy! I also needed to pick up some new work out clothes and running shoes, – So we went to our local DSG and decided to do some shopping.


Now if there is one thing I passed along to my son is my love for shopping – once he gets going, he doesn’t want to stop. We had a list of things we wanted to pick up, and ended up with, well, quite a bit more than what was on the list.

The first step was a new glove – as well as a new bat bag, new bat, batting glove, cleats, and baseball pants!


Fortunately we hit up DSG when they were having a great sale! They are really great at making sure that they have affordable items for everyone during each sports season. I saw a lot of great baseball and softball equipment deals!


He had a ton of fun shopping!

(and a bit of a hard time making up his mind!)


I picked up a pair of New Balance running shoes, and a cute workout top (to be featured later – I had a hard time taking a picture of myself in my outfit!)

I love that I am able to get everything we need at one store – without running around from place to place, such a time saver!


He was ALL decked out in style for his game – and couldn’t be prouder.


Dicks Sporting Goods is literally a one stop shop for all your sports needs!
Want to go on a shopping adventure of your own? Enter to win a $50 Dicks Sporting Goods gift card below! Winner will be chosen on 5/6 and prize will be fulfilled by Vocalpoint.

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22 Responses to Your One Stop Sport Shop: Dicks Sporting Goods

  1. Ellen Casper says:

    I would get a pair of Nike sneakers.

  2. jessica l marinaccio says:

    shoes for the kids

  3. Michelle Bartley says:

    Fishing stuff for the BF!

  4. Lisa Chesnut says:

    I would buy soccer cleets, with one son playing soccer and having 3 soccer refs in the family we always need cleets

  5. Rhonda Grisham says:

    I would get something for my grands. After all…football and cheerleading is coming soon!

  6. Stephanie Larison says:

    I would get my oldest daughter fishing stuff so her and her dad could go fishing together.

  7. Trisha scott says:

    I would get some workout pants since the 30 pairs I have clearly aren’t enough, lol. And get brayden a new tball bat

  8. Jessica Detwiler says:

    My son outgrew all his soccer stuff from last year so I would use it to buy him new shoes 🙂

  9. Elizabeth McGlasson says:

    I would buy some new running shoes!!

  10. Amber C says:

    I would love to buy my son and husband some soccer equipment

  11. Lesly Christensen says:

    I would buy all spring sports stuff. The kids are in soccer and tball and soon they will be doing tennis camp and golf camp. So busy! If I won I would buy them what they need for their sports.

  12. Beth Mellott says:

    ummm tball or softball or football gear. I have spent so much at Dick’s lately!

  13. Melissa says:

    I’d get some new flip flops!

  14. I would get myself some good walking shoes! I will be needing new shoes soon and this would be perfect!

  15. Sarah Hayes says:

    Id buy a new weight set! its been a dream of mine to start lifting

  16. Eliza Ferree says:

    Definitely buy some t-ball equipment, gloves, soccer balls and a few camping supplies. I have 3 kids in sports or going into them.

  17. Tracey Boehm says:

    Shoes for my tball player!

  18. LeAnn Voyer says:

    New shoes for walking this summer.

  19. Ashley Murphy says:

    My youngest daughters cleats from last year are getting tight she’s been asking fkr new ones. This is awesome. Ty for the chance.

  20. Tiffany Banks says:

    I would buy my son new baseball cleats!

  21. Nicole Flynn says:

    I would put it towards my own Kayak. I’ve been saving up and am getting closer. This would really help me reach that goal. My hubby has had his own for 3 or 4 years now, and I am finally ready to join him.

  22. Terri says:

    Baseballs and fitness clothing

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