Ohio + snow = stay off the roads!

I always took offense when my Northern-Maine-born husband told me “you people in Ohio can’t drive.” I mean what, just because you have snow 9 out of 12 months, doesn’t make you better then me ..but I guess when it comes to driving, it does!


This was my view as I sat at a red light heading to work this morning. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get over 20 mph, not because I was afraid, but because people in 4WD pick up’s, and SUV’s were flying by me at 50 mph (and I really didn’t want to be anywhere near them), and then the other little scaredy cats driving about 5 mph even on the roads that were clear… I mean Really??! It took me an extra 55 minutes to get to work this morning!

There are a few precautionary steps you should take before you wander out into the Winter Wonderland we call streets. I know you saying “Um, I’ve been driving for 20 years, I already know everything there is to know..” Well I say, “No ya’ don’t!” or at least most of you don’t! So before you accuse me of being to harsh, please see below:


  • If the fifteen cars in front of you can’t make it up the hill, your not making it up either. I don’t care who you are, and where your from, unless there’s a dog sled pulling you, don’t even try it! Like the people in this video (which I’m assuming all to be men, because only men would continuously do something this stupid), your best finding a different route home.
  •  Do not try to pass me on a road that normally has 2 lanes, but because the snow plow’s aren’t double wides, there is only 1. We are all staying in the middle for a reason. Just because your too stupid to care if you crash into the Ohio River and freeze to death, doesn’t mean the rest of us wants to die! Stay in line! I bet you were that kid in Kindergarten that cut  in the line to go to recess weren’t you??
  • Not sure if you went to driving school or not, but um, your not supposed to freak out and slam on the breaks when your starting to slide. I mean, yeah if it’s a sunny day and your about to hit that jackhole who just pulled out in front of you, by all means, put the petal to the metal. However, when the roads are slick as snot and your losing control of your vehicle, slow and steady is your friend. Geesh, you would think anyone over 20 yrs old would know this, but then you’d be wrong!

CPM car stuck in snow feature.jpg

if you need any other advice (though I’m not sure why you would) you can also get some more snow driving tips and how to prepare your car for winter here.



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  1. Melissa Parsley says:

    Thank for the laugh.This post is hilarious..You are right, people dont know how to drive in the snow.

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