Nutella Breakfast Rolls

Saturday is my grocery shopping day, which usually means by Saturday morning our options for meals are a bit scarce. As I was searching the frig and pantry for ideas for breakfast, I remembered seeing something on Facebook about an alternative cinnamon roll made with Nutella.

So since we always have Nutella on hand, and I usually try to keep crescent rolls in my frig, I decided to give it a try. The ingredients are simple just Nutella and crescent rolls, though I’m sure you could use biscuits or other type of bread depending on what you have.

Preheat the oven to 400, just like you would the crescent rolls.


First step is to gently roll out the crescent rolls to make a flat surface. The pre-cut areas make it a little difficult, so be careful.


Next your going to spread the Nutella evenly across the dough, I would suggest a very thin layer, because Nutella is soo sweet. Some of my rolls were a bit too much and others were just right. So evenly spreading the Nutella is important.
Nutella_rolls_step_3Next is rolling the dough up so you can cut them into the rolls. Again, the pre-cuts make it a bit difficult, but if I can do it I know you can!
Nutella_rolls_step_4The cutting is one of the harder parts, I know a lot of people will use floss or string to cut, but I just used a sharp knife. They were a bit smushed but I just used the knife to try to spread them apart a bit so they’d cook evenly.

Bake for 8-10 minutes, checking at 8 to make sure they aren’t over done. They cook pretty quickly, but the middle can be a bit doughy if you don’t leave them in long enough.


I am sure you can get creative, I was thinking adding cream cheese, maybe ┬ásome strawberries (I love Nutella & strawberry toast, so I’m sure that would be delicious). Maybe even marshmallow fluff. This would also make a great sweet dessert!


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5 Responses to Nutella Breakfast Rolls

  1. Adelynn Lovellette says:

    Oh anything with nutella is bound to be good!

  2. Jenn says:

    Oh my goodness how delicious do these sound?! Yum!

  3. krystel says:

    i love nutella anything nutella is the best thing yummy

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