NuHair DHT Blocker VS Folliform: You Decide

It is amazing how new discoveries have provided an effective solution to persons with challenges related to hair loss. Almost every one detests being bald. Those affected view themselves as inferior in society. This may have adverse effects on the way they relate with others, both at home and the workplace. Today, there is no more loss of self esteem as a result of hair loss thanks to the discovery of Folliform DHT Blocker and NuHair DHT Blocker. These two products are made from natural ingredients but have some slight differences.

DHT basically means dihydrotestosterone hormone. This is a chemical substance that is naturally produced in the body by both men and women. This chemical substance causes hair loss by impeding blood circulation and the supply of vital nutrients to the holes from which the hair grows. This leads to shrinkage, followed by eventual hair loss.

Folliform and NuHair DHT Blocker are made from natural ingredients such as saw palmetto, pumpkin seed, and Pygeum extract. This means that they are very safe for the body and have no known undesirable effects. Both Folliform and NuHairDHT Blocker perform this noble function by preventing DHT from tampering with natural hair growth and regrowth process. This is done by providing unfavorable environment for this chemical substance to thrive in. NuHair DHT Blocker takes a relatively shorter period of time before its positive effects can be felt; this is about 14 days. In contrast, Folliform acts slowly and takes approximately 30 days.

Whereas Folliform is specifically for the adult male population, NuHair DHT Blocker is suitable for all gender in all ages. This makes it the preferred hair regrowth remedy that is mostly recommended. Both NuHair and Folliform DHT Blocker are recommended as nutritional supplements. In most cases, both involve the consumption of one tablet early in the morning prior to breakfast and another in the evening. One can choose to use the natural Folliform or NuHair Blocker shampoo. The latter is liquid soap that is applied on the head. It removes the extra DHT from scalp and stops the changing of this chemical substance into a form that doesn’t interfere with hair growth.

The harsh environment created on the head by both Folliform and NuHair DHT Blocker prevents the absorption and production of DHT into the hair cavities. This provides one with the opportunity to enjoy and have full hair. Utmost results can be achieved by combining Folliform DHT blocker with a rich diet that enhances the growth, as well as re-growth of hair. Once Folliform DHT is deposited in the hair cavities, it brings to an end to the manufacture of the harmful DHT. This ensures that there is minimal loss as a result of spill overs.

You can place orders for Folliform DHT blocker from any locality and have it transported to your preferred locality. In some cases, the treatment can be self administered. This implies that you do not incur extra expenses towards your search for a healthy growth of hair. Similarly; it is friendly to the environment, hence the surrounding locality and neighbors will not be affected by its use. Folliform DHT Blocker is different than NuHair DHT Blocker. This is because it has a pleasant taste that makes consumption an easy affair. This eliminates the phobia associated with drugs. Generally, those who have used it are always willing to share with others their pleasant experiences.


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VH Nutrition has written this article to provide clarification regarding the differences between its product, Folliform and the other natural dht blockers on the market.

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