Not Sure What Gift to Buy? Check Out the Best Buy Wish List

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I always considered myself to be someone who was on the up when it came to buying gifts for anyone of any age. I have a tendency to know whats trendy and popular, but I have to admit the older I get, the harder it gets to buy for certain people – meaning teenagers, especially teens that aren’t mine.

So instead of spending hours and hours guessing – and over thinking gift ideas, I’ve turned to the very handy – and awesome – gift guide at Best Buy. I love that I can look up gift ideas based on age (hello teenagers), by occasion (like those hard to buy for friends) and I can even filter by price.

And sometimes..when you just can’t take it anymore – you just want to buy a gift card and get it over with, well Best Buy offers that too.

They also list featured gift ideas – which I find amazing by the way, and what’s trending as gifts on the site. With this site you pretty much can’t go wrong!


Not only can you check out the awesome gift suggestions, but you can make your own wish list too!

I am finally working on buying my own house and I made myself a wish list for the move – who wants a dumpy old washer and dryer in their new house right?

I can keep an eye on my wish list and watch for sales and other special deals – and also share it just in case someone is feeling a bit generous! ┬áThis is a great way for kids to share their holiday/birthday wish list, and an even greater way to keep the stress out of shopping! To create or search for a friend or family members wish list, just check out the Wish List Locator at


What’s on your wish list??




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