Not Sure What Kind of Car You Need? Check Out CarFinder

You know you need a new vehicle – but you aren’t sure exactly what type you are looking for. Who wants to spend hours upon hours visiting car dealership after car dealership to end up more confused than when you began?

What if there was a tool that could help you narrow down exactly what you are looking for? Sometimes when looking at vehicles we get overwhelmed and settle for something that isn’t quite up to par. The last vehicle I bought, I bought in a hurry and I have regretted it ever since. I need more room, I didn’t realize it didn’t have auto start (which is a must for the winter), it has ONE outlet to plug in anything (try having 3 kids and everyone wanting to plug in their phone/tablets at the same time. ESPECIALLY WHEN TRAVELING). Overall the car I bought was not the best for my family – but I’m stuck with it a few more years. Every time I try to load groceries into the small hatchback I call a ‘trunk’ I get irritated. We have to rent a van or suv to go on vacation because there is no way in the world that my family is going to be able to pack everything that we need in my tiny not big-family oriented vehicle. I wish I would of thought of using a tool like CarFinder before I went to the car lot.

Reedman Toll Auto World offers a free, no obligation and confidential CarFinder tool, allowing you to specify your desired car, truck or SUV and submit the vehicle configuration to us. Once we locate matching automobiles, you automatically receive details of those models, with photographs included. You can let them handle finding the car your family needs! 

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