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I participated in the Amwell blog program as a member of One2One Network. I received compensation but all opinions are my own.

Being a Mom of 3 I have spent more than my fair share of time sitting in the Doctor’s office – more of that time spent in the waiting room than actually in with the Doctor’s themselves.  When you have limited hours of PTO time to last you a year, saving a trip to the doctor’s office can not just save you time, but money (and a possible enjoyable PTO day  off work!)

So when I heard about the Amwell app, I got pretty excited. Amwell is the nation’s largest telehealth company that connects you with board-certified licensed doctors -who are dedicated to keeping you healthy -for immediate and live online visits -day or night! You can access Amwell on your cell, or computer,from the comfort of your own home.

Earlier this week my  left eye was itching, and  really sensitive.  I put it off for a few days, but it kept getting worse. Since I wear contacts, I knew it was something I needed to see a doctor about, because it could  spread to my eye.

I downloaded the Amwell app and selected a Doctor and within a few minutes I had one live. I explained my symptoms and my concerns,  and she was certain that it was an allergic reaction or sensitivity to a new make-up I had recently purchased. She recommended some cortisone cream, and Benadryl. Within 2 days  I was back to normal! No long wait at the doctor’s office, and I didn’t even have to take off any time from work – a  complete win/win for me.

It’s really easy to use – you just choose the type of visit you  are looking for, and select a provider. Depending on the issue, the doctor can usually diagnose you, suggest a follow-up, and prescribe (when appropriate).

Amwell is accepted by major insurers, all  you have to do is enter your health insurance information for a low cost visit.

Don’t just take my  word for it, right now you can get your first visit free with promo code: MOMSLOVEAMWELL


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