Natural Food Options for Your Dogs with Stella & Chewy’s Meal Mixers

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Most of us can agree that our dogs are a big part of our families – and just like the rest of our family we want to keep them healthy, and feed them the best possible foods. If you have ever read about what they put in some of the major dog food brands out there – well, you would think twice about feeding it to your beloved pup. That’s why I’ve been doing my research to find the most natural, and best tasting dog food for our pup – and then I heard about Stella & Chewy’s Meal Mixers.


Dogs crave raw meat, much like their ancestral’s diet, and Stella & Chewy’s Meal Mixers is a great way to add the boost of raw nutrition to your pet’s diet. With one scoop you can give your pup a meal packed with nutrient-rich meat, organs and bone, complemented by organic fruits and vegetables with added probiotics & antioxidants. The other great thing about Stella & Chewy’s Meal  Mixers is it’s made without grains, glutens, fillers, and artificial preservatives, colorings,  or added hormones and antibiotics.


Our pups loved the Meal Mixers added to her food; in fact, an independent taste test study by the University of Wisconsin-Madison showed out of 10 dogs prefer their kibble with Stella & Chewy’s Meal Mixers added to their regular dog food.

I definitely noticed the dogs picking through their food to get to the Meal Mixer before their regular dog food (in fact, I’ve noticed they eat the Meal Mixers first, and come back and eat their regular food later).
mochaStella & Chewy’s Meal Mixers are freeze-dried to lock in the nutrition and flavor, and ready to add to your pet’s bowl right away! Every bag comes with it’s own scoop, and suggested serving size based on your dogs weight and size.

Go check out the 4 great protein options Stella’s Super Beef, Chewy’s Chicken, Tantalizing Turkey, and Savory Salmon & Cod.

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