The Mystery Behind Mystic Timbers: Kings Island’s New Roller Coaster

As you all know we here in the Higgins household are big fans of adventure – especially if it involves roller coasters. I’ve ridden every single roller coaster at  Kings Island at least a hundred times (no joke) and I’m always open to a new heart dropping speed and excitement (except maybe Drop Zone, I actually really lose my cool on that one!)

This year Kings Island raised the bar – with an all new wooden roller coaster, Mystic Timbers. Mystic Timbers is Kings Island’s 16th roller coaster – and 4th wood coaster. This makes the park top in it’s game, with nearly 19,000 feet in wooden coaster track – the most in the world! (Kings Island is known for setting records ,in fact the Beast which is just south of Mystic Timbers was built in 1979 – quite a good year if I do say so myself – and is still the world’s longest wooden coaster!)

With Mystic Timbers just waiting in line is an experience – voices come over the speakers warning you not to go in the shed, and just the right elements to give a little bit of fright/excitement to the ride.

Mystic Timbers feature three trains with the lead car design based on a 1960’s pick up truck – and will accommodate 24 passengers. (the line moves pretty quickly).

It has 16 ‘airtime’ hills that wind through wooded terrain and over water along a 3,265 foot track at speeds of 53 mph (though it feels a lot faster) and at the end – you can answer the mystery of ‘what’s in the shed’

The ‘shed’ – which is also the ride transfer area – features a creative mix of lights, music, and video of some creepy creatures (but nothing too scary, though I think this ride would be super fun to ride in the dark!) There are 3 different versions of the “shed experience” so you can experience something new each time you ride.

Remember – Kings Island has a lot to offer, so plan on spending the whole day when you visit (or more than a day if you can) and visit the Soak City Water Park, Planet Snoopy for the kids – and special events all year long. If you are local check out the annual pass options! Kings Island is open for the season – check it out this Saturday at 10 a.m. (the weather is supposed to be amazing). Admission is $67 at the gate, $47.99 online. For hours and more information:

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