Motivational Monday: 5 Tips for Weight Loss Success with Weight Watchers

As with any diet, the ultimate goal is typically weight loss success. With success often comes a skinnier, healthier, and more confident version of yourself, the version you have been dreaming of and working so hard for. Of course, goals are realized through determination and knowledge. If you are considering Weight Watchers, visit to get the scoop on how the company’s latest weight loss approach known as Weight Watchers 360 works.

Because reaching weight loss success with any program including Weight Watchers is more times than not challenging, taking blood, sweat, and tears to achieve, here are five simple steps to help you along the way.



It’s a lifestyle change. Too often, crash dieters believe if they just cut the junk food, eat healthy and workout a handful of times, they will lose the extra weight and then they can go back to their old way of life. That’s not the case. Dieting is a lifestyle change, not just until you reach your goal weight, but forever. Maintaining the healthy habits you create while doing the Weight Watchers program is a must when it comes to keeping the weight off and staying healthy. It’s a lifestyle change, one that’s for the better. This is why Weight Watchers Meetings Clubs in the UK and Australia are called Lifestyle Centers. Knowing this can help you make the appropriate changes as you get closer to your weight loss goal.
Slow and steady. Knowing ahead of time that one day of dieting is not going to cause all of your excess weight to magically fall off is important, while it would be nice if it did. Setting yourself up to succeed is mostly mental. Weight watchers advertises that a healthy loss with their program is typically one to two pounds each week, sometimes more, sometimes less. Those are the healthy numbers you should shoot for. While it may seem as if the weight is shedding off of you slower than you had hoped, the important part is that it’s steady, you are losing weight week after week.

Use your points. With Weight Watchers you are given a set amount of daily points as well as bonus weekly points to use as you wish. Use the bonus points. So many people choose to skimp out on using their bonus points and only sticking with their daily ones, thinking they will lose weight more quickly. While you may drop an eight of a pound more each week doing this, the odds of you sticking with the program and seeing it to the end are less likely. Remember, it’s a lifestyle change. Odds are you are not going to starve yourself for the rest of your life, so don’t do it with the Weight Watchers program either. Put those bonus points to use, enjoy yourself as you lose weight.

Get support. Having support when you are trying to accomplish anything challenging in life is important, especially weight loss. Make sure you have some sort of support weather it’s from family, friends, a workout partner, or co-workers. While Weight Watchers do offer weekly meetings giving you a small dose of the support you need, it’s important for you to get it elsewhere too. The Internet is a great resource as it offers numerous Weight Watchers blogs that provide encouragement, inspiration, and support whenever you need it.

Be active. It doesn’t matter if you love working out or you hate working out. Either way, part of a healthy lifestyle and weight loss is being active. You don’t have to dive right into a 90 minute workout that makes you hurt in all the wrong places. Simply get active, go for a run, walk the dog, take a tennis class or swim at the beach with your family. Anything away from the couch and on your feet is considered being active. Choose an activity that you’ll enjoy and that will make you look forward to doing it again.

Losing weight is hard even with the Weight Watchers program. By taking a few easy steps like knowing weight loss is a life style change and the weight will come off slowly but surely, using all of your points, and being active you can be well on your way to total weight loss success.

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3 Responses to Motivational Monday: 5 Tips for Weight Loss Success with Weight Watchers

  1. Kerri Pope says:

    I absolutely love this article and Weight Watchers approach to getting healthy. I love how they are calling there buildings Lifestyle Centers! I am a weight loss coach and so many times people want me to give them some magic pill, but there isn’t one. Like you said, you may see results for that month or so you are on the diet, but the weight will more than likely creep back on.

    I like Weight Watchers points system, which basically shows that moderation is the key. Eat healthy 80 percent of the time and the other 20 percent, you can enjoy a treat. People all too often dive into this vigorous workout program and totally revamp their entire diet and cut way too many calories. This will only make you crash and burn. I like taking a baby steps approach and slowing adding new healthy things to your life as you go.

    Enough of me babbling on! 🙂 Thanks for the great article!

  2. Anfiska says:

    To my mind it is very important for each person to eat much fruits and vegetables. So we need to enter into the habit fruits and vegetables consumption since early age. And of course everything described in the article is worth attention.

  3. Cobb says:

    Great article. Really good things you’ve mentioned right there. I better the right support group before I go on with my plan!

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