Motivation Monday – now Fitness Friday’s


Ok I have to admit – I HATE Monday’s with a passion.  We come off the weekend, (which is never long enough) into a work week filled with complaining customers, demanding employers, and let’s face it – grumpy children (and sometimes grumpy spouses!)


So instead of posting an inspirational Monday post, I’ve decided to move my post to my most favorite day of the week – Friday’s! So Fitness Friday’s will start this week, but in the mean time I do want to share with you an awesome site, filled with an awesome group of women (and I’m not just saying that because I’m involved), that will inspire , motivate and in the process humor you as we face our healthy living lifestyle changes.

Fitness For Mom’s is just in the starting stages, but we are here to help motivate and inspire each other and others to live a more healthy lifestyle. Whether you want to lose a few pounds (or a lot), or just learn how to live more healthy, that’s what this site is all about. We have banned together to make sure that we all reach our goals. Check it out and come join us! We’d love to hear your thoughts, what inspires you, what challenges you are facing so we can help.

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