Motivate Yourself with Goal Reaching Rewards

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One thing that I’ve always been told as I have struggled with my weight loss, is to reward myself for my hard work. Buy a new outfit, get a pedicure/manicure, get my hair done, buy something to make myself feel better. Though I’ve not always been able to afford to take the spa day, or go on a shopping spree I have made sure to reward myself for my efforts to reach my health goals. My ultimate health goal by the end of this year is to run an entire 5k without the walking. There are some great inexpensive and non-food related ways to reward yourself.


Here’s a few (affordable) things you can do to reward yourself for reaching your goals:

Buy a Cute Piece of Jewelry:
So you lost 5 lbs and you want to reward yourself – go buy a cute bracelet, pair of earrings, a necklace. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just something cute to add to your outfit. Not only will it be a cute way to ‘dress up’ your everyday wardrobe, but every time you wear it it will remind you of your hard work and the goal you made – and hopefully keep you motivated to lose 5 more!

Take a Healthy Cooking Class:
Take a friend and go take a cooking class – you will learn some awesome things you never knew, not to mention lots of great recipes, and bad vs good exchanges such as using greek yogurt instead of sour cream or cream cheese in a recipe, etc. It’s a fun time, you meet a lot of great new people, and get to try some yummy healthy recipes!

Plan a Day/Night Out: 
Don’t focus your night around food – plan a trip to the local farmer’s market, go putt-putt, rock climbing, take a dance lesson! You’d be surprised about how much better you feel the next morning when you didn’t focus your whole night out on eating out, or drinking. Plus, you may find a new hobby!

Hire a Personal Trainer:
Once you reach a certain goal, take on a personal trainer 1x  week (or even a month). They will give you work out’s to help you reach your next goal and keep you motivated. Nothing keeps you motivated more than someone keeping tabs on you and your goals! 

Track Your Progress with Walgreens Balance Rewards healthy choices program:
If you don’t have a Walgreens Balance Rewards card then you are missing out. You can earn points for select purchases made at Walgreens and the points turn into gift cards! Not only can you earn points with purchases, but you can earn them by tracking your healthy choices via or the Walgreens app.


By tracking your healthy choices – such as steps, heart rate, etc.,you earn points on your Balance Rewards Card. You can manually enter your activities,or the easiest most convenient way is you can sync your workout device  to track it for you. I was able to connect my FitBit Zip to my Balance Rewards account so it auto loads my progress for me – and I can continue earning points with the healthy choices program. This program is a great way to not only reward yourself for weight loss goals, but weight management as well. 


What I love about Walgreens is there is always something I can pick  up there to reward myself – and continue to keep on track with my health/fitness goals. With school back in session (along with all the sickness that comes with it) I made a trip to Walgreens to pick up  some much needed/wanted items.. vitamins (for me and the kids), Vitamin C drops, and a treat for me – a yummy Cliff bar and VOSS water (it’s the little things let me tell you…) I was able to save money using my Balance Rewards Card, and earn points for my purchase. It was a win/win.


Hoping to keep me and the kids healthy – and keep me on track to run my next 5k, I love saving up my Balance Reward points for items I want to buy to keep me on my journey. It’s an easy convenient way to reward myself for all my hard work!


What is your favorite way to reward yourself for your hard work?

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2 Responses to Motivate Yourself with Goal Reaching Rewards

  1. I reward myself with hard work by going to the local fancy tea shop and enjoying a pot (or two) of a new tea! Sometimes I may take my husband to the local gun range. I think it’s all about choosing a non-food activity/reward to use for motivating yourself to hit your goals, big or small.

  2. Positive reinforcement for making progress towards your goal is definitely motivating! I also love how you can stay accountable by tracking your progress with the healthy choices feature! #client

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