Meijer’s Back-to-School Photo Sweepstakes!

It’s about that time again – back to school. I’ve already started talking about it, since my kid’s school decided to start back extra early this year. I have two weeks from today to prepare… YIKES!

Though I don’t always love all the craziness that goes with getting the kids back on track, I do love watching them learn and grow. It’s amazing when my kids come home from school and share all the wonderful stuff they have learned and they are excited about it!

I call my oldest Ms. Encyclopedia.  You can start talking about a subject, and she will spout out random facts about said subject, and continue telling us all we want to know (or even what we don’t) about said subject. It’s actually kind of fun, because if I don’t know something I can just ask her. She’s a whiz, and her dream is to become a scientist – and I can just see her in about 10 years from now in some lab discovering the cure for cancer. She also loves music, and plays viola in her orchestra at school. She said she may play in the Cincinnati Symphony when she grows up – of course as a side job, as she finds cures for diseases.

Do you have a vision of what your child will be like in the future? Do they do things now, that you can see them doing 20 years from now? Well Meijer is having a “Most Likely To..” photo contest to share your story.
meijer back-to-school photo contest


Simply enter on Meijer’s Facebook Page . Upload a picture showing what your child is most likely to be when he/she grows up, and be entered to win $100 Meijer gift card!

My son is also quite entertaining. He is a Mr. Fix-It. If something is broken (like the handle on the bathroom door) he tries to fix it with his little bag of tools. If I tell my husband something needs fixed, want to guess who the first one is working on it? I have learned to keep it quiet, or the boy will have an entire vacuum pulled apart trying to fix it for Mom. (gotta love ’em!) From the time he was big enough to hold a screw driver, he’s been trying to take things apart. I can see him being some type of engineer or mechanic.

Mr. Fix It

What will your child be when they grow up? Do they favor a sport, or hobby that seems to be their passion??
Take those pictures, and enter the “Most Likely to..” Contest now!

Meijer Back to School Photo Contest Meijer Back-to-School Photo Contest

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