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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Knovio for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

As many of you know, blogging is not my full-time career. For nearly ten years I’ve worked as an licensed insurance agent for a well known insurance provider. My two primary responsibilities are sales and marketing, which I do from a satellite office (meaning my boss is actually in a different location, which at times can be a blessing). There are many times when I have marketing and sales ideas to implement in our office that I have to travel to his because it’s a bit too difficult to explain over the phone or just in an e-mail, or even a powerpoint presentation. Time is money, so taking the time to drive there, sit with him and review, and drive back – well that’s wasting precious time!


That was until I discovered Knovio. Knovio is one of the easiest and most creative way to create multimedia content –  it’s easy as uploading your PowerPoint slides, images, PDF’s and you can even record video and audio commentary (my absolute favorite part) to share with whomever you want. (I’m not sharing my marketing plan that I created,but giving you a step-by-step that I am creating for a media kit for my blog). One of the key features is you can even download the app and create presentations on your phone!


There are a lot of things to love about this program, but being easy to use would probably be my favorite. I am not completely illiterate when it comes to apps and programs, but I’m definitely not a computer whiz either. There have been a ton of programs and software that I have gotten rid of simply because I either didn’t have the patience (or time) to learn it, or it just proved to be that difficult. If you are somewhat familiar with PowerPoint, using Knovio will be a piece of cake.

Secondly, another favorite that competes with the ease of use, is the option for video/sound capabilities. This is the tool keeps me from traveling to multiple sites and spending valuable time where I could be more productive – it allows me to reach multiple locations and people all at once!Being able to voice my ideas, (and yes video as well, because well, I love hand gestures) gives me the freedom of making my presentation virtually flawless with the ability to edit and correct the video/audio errors and re-record (sure can’t do that in person).

Knovio isn’t just for someone in sales and marketing – Knovio can be used for pitching an idea, enhancing your resume, practice a speech, document your travels, illustrate a process, tell a story, even create lesson plans (which I think would be great for virtual students, or even homeschoolers).


I lovethe PRO version of Knovio which is completely worth it for the extra features. It has a KnowledgeVision’s Ask App which enables you to create a multi-part, multi-question quiz an assessments that you can add to any Knovio presentation. It also has a Guestbook which makes it possible to ask everyone to ‘sign in’ so you can track and score individuals, and a SCORMconnect system which allows you to integrate your presentations into a SCORM- based learning management system. (again perfect for teachers, lesson planners, homeschoolers, and even employers!) Try Knovio Pro



Kovio is so confident in their program that they are offering a FREE 14 day trial of their basic service – and the ability to upgrade with easy monthly, quarterly or annual payments for the service..and there are so many reasons to subscribe:

  • Three easy steps to create a Knovio

  • Unlimited presentations

  • Available 24/7 from anywhere in the world

  • Easily correct mistakes and flubs with a unique no-record capability

  • Share it by email, website, or social media

  • PowerPoint animations supported

  • Export hi-def 1080p video files

  • A full library of customizable design templates

There’s still quite a bit of work I want to do on my final Knovio presentation; I’m pretty sure I could work on it for hours to try and get it just right – mostly re-recording the video and audio. I completely love this program, and cannot wait to send my first virtual pre-recorded presentation to my boss and marketing team. I also think that my virtual Media Kit for my blog will definitely impress PR agencies and put me leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

What would you use Knovio Pro for?

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