The Making of a Little Man (with Gillette Mach3 SE)

This post is sponsored by Vocalpoint, P&G and Gillette. All opinions are my own.

I was a single Mom to 2 little girls for a long time – so when I met my now-husband, and we had a little boy of our own I wasn’t prepared for how different boys really are.

While sweet and loving and my little cuddle bug, he was curious and sometimes dangerous in exploring the world. Things that grossed myself and his sisters out made him laugh with glee, and Nerf guns and super heroes replaced the once room full of Barbie and princesses.

When he was little his Dad was over the road and gone more often than he was home – so when Daddy was home, he watched in awe at all things ‘manly’ Daddy did. He copied and imitated ‘little man’ stuff…including shaving.

He was 2 just a week shy of his 3rd birthday when I hadn’t heard a peep from him for a few minutes that I decided to get up and search – he was in the bathroom, with the door locked and the sound of buzzing rang from under the door. I knocked and pleaded with him to open.. and this is what I saw..


My super cute little guy – who had just been to the barber shop with his Papa, had shaved a spot right down the middle of his head. RIGHT BEFORE HIS BIRTHDAY. His Dad told me we had no choice but to completely shave it and let it grow (sob, sob). I love my son – I really do with my whole heart – but his head is not meant to be fully shaven.


See that rotten look? That’s all boy. From that day on I told his Dad that he needed to make sure to teach him the right and wrong ways to be a little man. . starting with shaving. So from then on out anytime he got curious, my husband would take him in the bathroom and allow him to help Daddy shave – even now at 8 years old.

So when we went to the weekend of  Fathers Day and saw all the great deals on Gillette® Mach3® Signature Edition Razors and Gillete Fusion ProGlide 2-in-1 Shave Gel  at Costco – I knew exactly what to get him! With a Smooth Shave, up to 100% redness-free (it’s possible with Mach3®)


Along with the “Worlds Best Dad” hat Nathan picked out, we gave him a pack of razors and shaving gel with the promise that none of us girls would steal these (that’s kind of an ongoing battle in our house – so I think he appreciated that the most).


Nathan however didn’t agree to the rules (you know since he’s a little man and all) so we had to hide everything to keep him from reeking havoc on himself (or the poor cats)


(*No kittens were injured in the making of this blog post – he loves his cats more than he loves the rest of us I think!)


Nathan takes his little man job very seriously; he loves helping Dad shave (though he likes to leave his goatee so he can pull on it!) and making Dad’s face a mess with shaving gel is one of his favorite parts.


This is definitely one step (in the many) of the making of little man – I’m sure he’ll turn out fine =)


well… maybe.


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  1. Kathy R. says:

    Love this post!! Adorable little guy! My husband loves Gillette Fusion!

  2. Health says:

    Love this post!! Adorable little guy! My husband loves Gillette Fusion!.

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