Making a Better Home with Small Design Tricks

Although most people do not realize this, interior design isn’t only about visual appeal of a home. It also revolves around creating a functional space; a space where all your needs are met.

That being said, a lot people neglect this part of the design. Instead, they focus on things that should look nice thinking they have basics covered. Although this may be true, there is always possibility to make your interior even more functional.

Now, let’s check some small interior tricks that mainly revolve around functionality, not so much visual appeal.


  1. Placing a mirror in bedroom

Most women put makeup in their bathroom thinking that this is much more hygienic option. Truth be told, it is much cozier applying it in your bedroom.

Women should always a have a good professional makeup mirror. Furthermore, these types of mirrors (called Hollywood mirrors) is much better fit for bedrooms as it allows you to sit and apply your makeup quietly, without any rush.

This little swap will help you relax which in terms helps you make fewer mistakes and makes the entire process much quicker.


  1. Making floor adjustments

A lot of heat is lost through the floor. Luckily there are one or two solutions that can help you out.

First of all, you can always go for full wood. This is an expensive solution that is also a long-term solution. However, if you are in a pinch for money, you can always opt to get more carpets.

Having your entire floor covered in carpets may seem as a real hassle at first. In the end, you will need to vacuum it all the time. Nevertheless, you won’t have to change them so often. In the long run, this approach will save you a lot of money as you won’t have to heat your home as much.


  1. More windows for your bathroom

Everybody knows that windows and bathrooms go hand in hand as they allow you to ventilate the space. Did you know there is another good reason why you should get them?

If your bathroom is getting a lot of sunlight then you can easily dry it out. There will always be a lot of moisture in the room especially if you don’t have a fan. This moisture will destroy your walls after a while and there are only a handful of things you can do. Getting more windows is definitely one of them as it reduces humidity.


  1. Change the window frames

If you have wooden window frames you have to know that they are extremely susceptible to rot and after a while micro holes will start appearing in them. These holes will allow cold air to penetrate your home and in time, your heating bills will increase.

By getting window frames made from durable materials, you won’t have to worry about this.


  1. Add bigger closets and cabinets

Here is a tip that will help you save space.

When we shop for closets and cabinets, we usually go for the ones that look nice. We make a plan where they will be positioned etc. However, as the time goes by, we figure out that we need more space.

Whenever you shop (or build) such furniture, make sure to get the biggest possible option. Even if it’s too much at the given moment, you will fill it up sooner than later. This way, you can reserve part of your home for one furniture piece instead of constantly buying new, small pieces whenever you get overcrowded.


These tricks will do wonders for your home! Make sure to implement them as soon as possible!

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