What We Love About Chico California

When you visit a new place there are some things you just fall in love with – the people, the view, the food. Well Chico has a little bit of everything and we love it! Here’s why:


Chico has the Best Views.
The city of Paradise lays just across the Butte Creek Canyon. Honestly no words can describe it in all it’s glory, so we will just share a glimpse.


No Winter.

A ‘cold’ day in Chico is around 55-65 degrees. We are talking shorts all year round, and swimming pools, and no frigid winds, ice or snow. It’s like being in the caribbean 365 days a year.

Scenic Bike Trails.
Butte Creek Canyon has some of the most epic bike trails EVER. With over 5,200 bike trails in the area even as an avid biker you will never get bored.

Forget Oktoberfest – check out Artoberfest for the whole month of October in Chico. Over 150 exhibits, multiple art fairs and even live concerts. It’s an art lovers dream!


Chico sits on some of the most fertile soil in the entire world – so it’s rich in fabulous crops. Almonds are what Chico is known for, but they also grow tons of walnuts, peaches, plums and kiwis!

The Bidwell Mansion
The Bidwell’s and their gigantic mansion (along with their 26,000 acres) is part of historic Chico. They entertained and bumped elbows with the best like Susan B. Anthony , President Hayes and more.

Downtown Chico.

Downtown Chico has everything you need – from shops, to restaurants bars and nightclubs, hotels, and all kinds of special events this is a place you don’t want to miss. They even have Chuck Patterson Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep with a huge inventory if you are looking!


The Bidwell Park Golf Club is known in Northern Cali for its pro shop, hitting cages, and ranges. Whether you’re beginning or pro, you’ll have plenty of putting options here, and the on-site bistro is on par with the course.

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