Looking Good for Less

Employees with high visibility and job-seekers both need to look good even before the money starts rolling in. For instance, salespeople on the rise need to convey confidence and success. Corporates climbing the ladder also need to display a winning look and attitude. Yet that’s challenging when finances are strained. It can start to feel like playing a role but “fake it ’til you make it” is sometimes needed to attract success. Payday Loans may be able to make buying the appropriate outfits to achieve this a possibility by providing you with essential funds.

Thankfully there are many clever ways to look good whilst saving a bundle.

Shop Outlet Stores

In order to find brand-name quality for significantly less look to outlet stores offering significant savings. It’s also wise to comparison shop by looking online. Spring for the best quality that one can afford and also make it a point to pick classics that stay in style. Begin with a basic wardrobe that can be embellished and added to over time. What’s more, take care of those clothes as the work asset they are. Use dry-cleaning coupons for maintenance and repair, and always hang up items when not in use. Hide shoes from the pup, too. If the discount stores are still too pricey then check out thrift stores. For those seeking an interview suit look to local charity organisations that help give job-seekers assistance with such matters.

Visit a Styling School

Granted it’s a good idea to do a test run well before the interview but many styling schools offer huge discounts for haircuts, colours and facials done by students who will soon graduate. All work will be overseen by a licensed professional, but at a fraction of the cost one would face at a regular salon. Though the style price may be low be sure to leave an appropriate tip as if paying the full rate.


Business lunches are part and parcel of living in the corporate world. Yet that doesn’t always mean the boss will be buying. Set aside money for luncheons as part of a work budget. In order to afford such a thing that may mean eating Ramen Noodles at home but it is imperative to be prepared to spring for lunch occasionally so as not to be embarrassed. Other times when combining lunch and business isn’t a factor, bring a lunch from home to help save money. Whenever you are responsible for paying for a business dining arrangement try to make it a lunch instead of dinner, which will be considerably less expensive.

Happy Hour

Whether drinking and socializing with co-workers is accepted varies greatly from business to business. If it’s not a problem but money is, seek out the best deals in town. Also look for deals that offer snacks as well and the better setups should suffice well enough for free dinner. Don’t forget the value of dining coupons, two-for-one deals, and new restaurants offering low-cost incentives to make theirs the regular haunt. For business people mingling with others at the same level it shouldn’t be a problem letting them know costs need to be watched. In fact, they’re probably facing the same financial restraints, too. Another even more affordable way to make a business social hour is to do a potluck at home.

Buy in Bulk

There will be occasions such as holidays and birthdays when gifts for co-workers is expected. If an item is a great deal and has the necessary shelf-life then buy them in bulk. That could be a case of decent wine on sale, chocolates, ties—anything that would be deemed appropriate as work gifts. Just remember to take anyone’s food allergies or dietary restrictions into account before delivering the gifts. Having something in stock for any impromptu dinner is never a bad idea, especially if the occasion arises when finances are especially low.

Investing in one’s appearance may seem like a gamble but it’s a winning one. Remember that the definition of success is when preparation meets opportunity. So put in the time and energy to look like a million bucks even before it’s earned—but thankfully that isn’t what needs to be spent to look sharp, powerful and in charge.

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