Lights Out and Smiles On with GoodNites® Bed Mats

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The GoodNites® brand has always been known to help manage bedwetting. From their disposable underwear, to their bed mats, GoodNites® is there to help give parents and kids a smoother ‘lights out’ – and lights on- routine. With a child that suffers from enuresis, we looked for a natural way to help make those tough nights and tough mornings a bit easier. My daughter has a mild case, but anytime a 10 yr old wakes up with wet sheets, it can be embarrassing. As we researched how to make things easier for her- as well as protect her mattress and sheets- we discovered the GoodNites®  Bed Mats. 

GoodNites® Bed Mats are ultra-absorbent and designed to give parents and their children a better night – and a happier morning. Less mess, less laundry, and less frustration equal a happy daughter, and an even happier Mom!  GoodNites® Bed Mats are super-absorbent , and stay in place all night. They can absorb as much fluid as L-XL pair of GoodNites® underwear! They have become a life saver, or should I say NIGHT saver on more then one occasion.

GoodNites® Bed Mats provide simple, easy nighttime protection in just three easy steps, Bed Mats can be secured on top of the sheets:

  • Place the mat on top of fitted sheet
  • Peel the adhesive strips off the corners and smooth down
  • Protect the bed with the ultra-absorbent bed mat



Do you have a bet wetter? Have you ever tried GoodNites® bed mats?

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8 Responses to Lights Out and Smiles On with GoodNites® Bed Mats

  1. Quorie says:

    A must have when you have kids who love to camp out

  2. Candy O. says:

    Wow I will need to pick these up very soon. They will be good to have on hand just in case for potential accidents. Thanks Krissy!

  3. Owen's Mom says:

    Thanks for sharing. I have been thinking of trying these for my son. He still has some night time issues and this is a better idea for a big boy than diaper-esqe pull-ups.

  4. I love these! We need this for my son, he still has some accidents through the pull-ups

  5. parentinginnky2013 says:

    My 9 year old still struggles and these would be great to make him feel drier in the morning (Vs a wet sheet). Thank you for sharing!

  6. These woudl be great to have around when my niece comes for overnight visits!

  7. Amanda says:

    Nice to have these on hand… I have not tried them or even heard of them… I will check these out! Thanks!

  8. These would be great to have on hand at granmas for those sleep overs.. never fails when the littles sleep on my couch!

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