Why Leasing May Be a Smart Move for You

I have talked in the past about the pro’s and con’s about buying versus leasing. As a Mom of 3 who doesn’t even want to begin to imagine what is underneath my back seat leasing right now, is not for me. But the 21 year old me, with good credit, no kids, and a brand new career? All kinds of yes!

So starting off fresh out of college, or on a career path you dress to impress right? You put your best foot forward, and you do your best to work your way up in your industry. For me, starting off in my insurance career we went to a lot of meetings – and we car pooled. Now the last thing I wanted to do is have my supervisor/boss/co-workers step foot into my ‘I-think-well-make-it-there’ junker I drove around during college. But with your salary starting out, you don’t really have the funds to buy a car that shows the image you want. So in instances like these – leasing is a really great, affordable option.

More car – for less money. Getting into a brand new car or SUV for under $200 a month, and no money down seems like a no brainer right?

Just be aware of the agreements of the lease, and make sure that your driving habits aline with the mileage limit in the lease agreement, that you keep the car in pristine (or as close to pristine as you can) condition, and continue to  save money so that after your lease is up you can purchase the car you want (or purchase the one you’ve been driving).


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