And This Is WHY Your Kids Don’t Listen

I try to stay away from controversial topics – I like to keep my post fitness, travel, food – and fun focused stuff. But last night I witnessed something that bothered me and I decided that I needed to write a little rant.

My oldest had a recognition ceremony at her middle school last night – she will be a Freshman next year, (I know, I don’t think I look old enough to have a Freshman either LOL). They were celebrating their last years as “kids” , and moving into being young adults. A fresh new exciting start to their lives – I mean, everyone remembers high school right? It’s a major stepping stone to becoming an adult.

The Principal and teachers spoke before handing out awards, and asked all the parents that they HOLD THEIR APPLAUSE until the end.

They said this not once, not twice, not even three times. They said it five times. But do you think these parents listened??!


Now I know we all think that our kids are super special – that they deserve all the hooting and hollering and to let them know we are proud of them.

But rules are rules right?

Well obviously not – at least not in our neck of the woods.  Now it didn’t just happen once – it happened time after time after time.


I sat there with my youngest daughter begging me to shout for her sister – she wanted to yell “SLAY!” because she knew it would amuse her sister. But I firmly told her no. The Principal & teachers had literally told us multiple times to wait until the end. So that’s what we were going to do.

Then kid after kid had their parents and family members hollering and clapping and someone even brought a fog horn.

Then there would be the families that actually listened, so those kids accepted their rewards in silence.

Then more and more families that completely ignored their own kids teachers and Principals request, and continued to hoot and holler.

Now tell me how it works when you tell your child to behave in school after you got a phone call from the Principal that they were being disruptive in class?!

If you don’t have to listen – why should they?

The more we sat there, the more upset I got. .

So the next time your kids don’t listen to you – or they get in trouble at school – just remember you are the ones teaching them they don’t have to listen. After all, they learn from example right?!



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