Keto Diet: Week 3

So last week ended with a bang, and I am still going strong. I haven’t felt a strong desire to ‘cheat’ at all, and though I am still learning the in and out’s of watching my macros – I am doing well.

I have noticed a major difference in my eating habits. Before I was quite the snacker – when you sit at a desk for most of the day, it tends to happen. We constantly have businesses bringing in goodies (in fact today it was a Busken coffee cake!) but I have kept going strong and haven’t even been tempted to take a bite. To me this is MAJOR progress, and something that I probably couldn’t have done on any other diet. As I said before counting calories has always left me hungry and feeling deprived – that’s definitely not how I feel on Keto.

Today was weigh in day – its been a week, and I haven’t lost any weight. I have stuck to the plan, only going a bit over on protein and I was feeling a bit discouraged (after a 10 lb weight loss in about 10 days you can see why). But I’ve learned something new – which is easiest explained in the photo below
(and I apologize, I have no idea who to give credit too, I’ve seen it every where when I search on google and I can’t find the original creator)

The scale does lie!! Just keep going! #KetoDiet #keto #weightloss #weightlossjourney #nocarbs #lowcarb #lchf #

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There’s a lot I have realized I need to learn not only about the human body in general – but mine. Pretty much what I need to do is be patient and keep on keeping “WOOOSH” will come.

I have to remind myself – and those that I encouraged to do it with me – that this is a marathon – not a sprint. Most diets, or ways of eating that give super fast results continuously, are impossible to keep off long-term. I don’t need another yo-yo diet that leaves my body in an uproar.

This week I tried a few new recipes (including the Keto Brownies I posted about earlier this week) and even ventured out to coffee land again. It makes me really nervous to have someone else make my drink and know that if they screw it up that it could set me back a week or two in progress  (which by the way, gives me a whole new appreciation for people with severe allergies, or children with severe allergies – I can’t even imagine and I’d probably never eat out!)

This week my favorites were the steak and chicken stir fry (sauteed steak and chicken with green peppers, very light on the onion since they are high in carbs, and taco seasoning) I did eat one low carb tortilla but at the rest with a fork and it was delish! Definitely something I will make again.

I also went to Starbucks to try a drink a lot of people in the different low carb groups that I’m in on Facebook had recommended. It’s pretty easy to order (though the Barista may look at you like you are crazy) but this concoction taste like a melted strawberry milkshake.
Get a venti passion tea – no classic. Made with heavy whipping cream instead of water. Add 3-5 (depending on your liking) of Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup, and add whipped cream. It’s delightful, and I wish they had a bigger super-size sized cup because I wanted more! It was around 6/7 carbs, but totally worth it! (Next time I will be trying an iced coffee – will update details for you then). I think this would be a great drink to have in the summer – and you won’t feel like you’re missing out when your friends decide they want to hit up Starbucks.

Though I am a bit disappointed with the fact that I haven’t lost anymore, like I mentioned I am just going to keep at it. I am hoping to report BIG NUMBERS next week. If not I will need to do some re-calculating of my macros and maybe start cutting out some of the artificial sweeteners I’ve started to love.

Until next week!

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