Keeping Your Car Clean and Efficient for Daily Life

A lot of us spend as much time in our car each week as we do our living rooms -running errands, driving to work, running kids around- but do we keep them as organized and clean? There are some ways you can improve and keep your car clean and efficient for your daily life.

Running errands don’t have to exhaust you – take these few tips to help make them a bit more bearable:

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*Put together a list of all your errands before leaving – just a few minutes of planning ahead can help you avoid backtracking and save you time and money.
*Keep some reusable grocery shopping bags in your car all the time – if you include some insulated bags, you can run your other errands without worrying about melting or spoiling groceries.
*If you are running errands for birthdays, redecorating, or other events, be sure to keep a list of everything you need, colors, measurements, etc so that you have the information that you need if you find something you’ve been looking for.

Always Try to be Prepared

*Keep a small plastic folio (similar to what people use to keep coupons in) to use as an organizer for your vehicle. Keep your insurance card, registration information so it’s protected and easy to find. You can also keep your manual, warranty info, and any receipts for repairs that you’ve made so it’s all in one easy to find place (like the glove compartment).
*We’ve talked about it before, but your emergency kit is important to have as well. The biggest things to have is a First Aid Kit, jumper cables, flares, fix-a-flat, gloves, tire gauge, flashlight, batteries and a multipurpose tool. Keep them in your truck area in an organized bin or tote so you can easily find them.
*Keep a thick blanket in the trunk as well – in case of an emergency, but also to use for a picnic, sporting event, or protect your car seats if you are picking up something could damage your seats.
*Emergency Money is always a good idea to keep hidden in your car too – I normally keep some cash as well as an old change purse with quarters for parking meters or even tolls as I travel.
*A backseat car organizer is one of the best accessories you can have – you can fasten it to the back of your front seat which will give you pockets for toys, tissues, garage bags, paper, pencils and whatever else you may need. You could buy one for each seat for each kid to use individually if needed.

Keep at It.

The biggest part of keeping your car organized and clean – is to keep at it. Just like cleaning your home, you need to continue to do things on a regular basis. If you can start a regular routine, it’ll be easier to keep up.
Each time you get gas – make sure you get rid of all the trash in your vehicle. There are always trash cans next to the gas pumps, so take time to remove ALL garbage while you wait for the tank to fill. (Remember to check the backseat as well!)
Even if you keep a nice tote in the trunk, or car organizer on the back of your seat, or a folder of info in your glove box – you have to be sure to make a habit of clearing out any extra items that were left behind. Kids have a tendency to leave extra toys and books and such behind – and even as adults we may put receipts or paperwork ‘until later’ and forget. Just be sure to keep up with it, so it doesn’t get out of hand again.


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