How to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

OMG. I don’t know if I didn’t pay attention before because I didn’t really care, or because I always used the holidays as my free pass to freakin’ eat anything and everything I wanted to, but the amount of sweets that get brought into my office on a daily basis is appalling. I mean literally every company that we’ve worked with throughout the year brings in cookies, cupcakes, DONUTS – any imaginable sweet that your little mind can imagine has been placed on my desk with a smile.

Dang it.

First off it’s hard to resist the temptation of sweets any time right? But to have them sitting there, while your at work, (which by the way is my WORST snacking time EVER), it’s winter so it’s cold outside, you have bulky clothes on so you really don’t start to notice the chub of fat growing under your sweater, and work has slowed down so much that you’ve actually started organizing your files – well, temptation just got 1,000x worse my friend. I’ve even moved  these sweet treats off my desk and into the other office area,but the smell still lingers. Not to mention co-workers, “Oh.My.Gosh. Krissy,have you tried the chocolate one yet? Or the butter cookies? They are to die for!

I am seriously hating life right now – I can literally feel my stomach increasing in size as I bite down into a cookie that probably has more calories in one serving than my diet allots for the entire day.


The amount of money they spend on cookies probably could pay for my pedicure, or at least a paint change. Or “we donated a toy in the name of your agency”, or “how about we buy you lunch” – I mean there are soo many alternatives to freakin’ sweets. They are seriously my downfall. I. can’t. say. NO.

So instead of continuing to blame the reps who are just doing their job, and realizing that a lot of people actually want to eat and enjoy these evil sweet treats, I decided to figure out how I could resist the temptation and maybe come out of holidays a few pounds lighter, instead of heavier.

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Portion Control. Who am I kidding – like I would completely resist those freakin’  butter cookies that were homemade? Heck to the no. It’s Christmas after all! But I don’t have to eat the whole row of cookies in one sitting. Allotting myself calories to enjoy some sweet temptations will actually prevent me from caving in and going all fat-girl and wiping out the entire box. 2 small butter cookies will satisfy my sweet tooth, without completely ruining my diet for the day.

Avoid Going Places Hungry. It’s like Christmas parties galore this time of year, all filled with calorie-full drinks and sweets on tables as far as the eye can see. If you are attending a party where you know there will be lots of unhealthy options, eat a small meal  or  snack before hand (high in protein) to avoid binging on all the party food. You can still enjoy (see tip 1) but this will help you avoid the pitfalls of eating/drinking in a social gathering. Not to mention when one drinks, all inhibitions go out the window. (In fact, play it safe and just don’t drink at all. Trust me on this one).

Pace Yourself. If you must attend a party where you will be served a full meal (and by full I mean, all the fat, gravies, and pasta that all dieters crave but are not permitted) just learn to pace yourself. Set your fork down after every bite. I mean every one. Savor each bite, chew it completely, and pay attention to what you’re eating, not just the conversation around the table. You’ll be able to enjoy all the fixin’s, but in moderation.

Distract Yourself. GET AWAY FROM THE FOOD! Seriously, you there – put the plate down and slowwllyy walk away from the food tables.There are plenty of other things to do at parties (and work) besides gorge yourself on sweets. Be social – go around the room and talk ,play a game with the kids, heck, take a walk if you need to. Distractions keep your mind from wandering to those cookies on the dessert table. Ever notice how you get soo busy at work somedays you look up and it’s like 4 o’clock, and you’re like, “Crap, I didn’t even eat lunch.” (yes that does happen). It’s not that you weren’t hungry, or didn’t want to eat – your brain (and body) was distracted.  So do this. All the time.


IF you follow these few simple steps, I promise it’ll be harder to gain  weight this holiday season -which is what we all want right?! Seriously, you might be able make it out unscathed. ‘Tis the season for miracles!






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