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The Product Review

I must say I am very impressed by this product. When I first came across it, I was skeptical that a piece of heat resistant silicone would stay attached to the sink! I also wasn’t sure how attractive it might be in real life. Sometimes you see photographs of something and then in person it looks “cheap”. I am glad that Hot Iron Holster® gave me the opportunity to try this out for myself and to tell all of you.

The product not only met my expectations but exceeded them. It is more attractive in real life – I don’t think photography can do it justice. It is also wider than I thought. I really put it to the test as well. I put it in my sink and left it there for a few days. I live in a tiny apartment and I only have two sinks – one in the kitchen (usually full of dishes… shh…) and one in the bathroom. I use that sink A LOT. I put on makeup over that sink and use it to wash my hands several times a day. The water from washing my hands got on the Hot Iron Holster® and it just beads right off.

I am also impressed with out it sticks to the sink. From the photos, I thought it would stay completely attached. I also had the idea it would have a sticky surface. It doesn’t. It’s more like a suction cup type of surface but it’s not shaped that way, it is flat. It didn’t lay completely flat because of the shape of my sink. However, I left the hot flat iron in it for a few days putting the entire weight on the pocket and it is still fully attached to the sink. The suction holds tight just above the pocket so it does not come loose.

I can also tell you that I had another device before this that I used for my hot iron. I had purchased it at a beauty supply store. Honestly, I’m not going to use it anymore. The Hot Iron Holster® is way more attractive!

– Liz Barnett of

@WomanlyWoman on Instagram: Let’s pretend I cleaned the whole sink instead of just the part where I put the @hotironholster lol


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