Hiking in Ohio: Caldwell Nature Preserve

This past Sunday was BEAUTIFUL, and we took full advantage of the sunshine. We made our way to Caldwell Nature Preserve in Cincinnati – right on North Bend Road to get our hike on.

Caldwell Nature Preserve has a nature center (wasn’t open when we went unfortunately), a amphitheater (which looks like that could be fun) about 3 and half miles of hiking trails, and even a paved level trail for anyone with walking issues, or in a wheelchair.

They also have some some creeks to go ‘creekin’ in, if you enjoy that (which we do – especially the kids). We saw a lizard and quite a few tadpoles!

We like trails with a little bit of difficulty (little sassy does GREAT, but we also need to be careful) stairs, bridges, and quite a bit of mud was on the agenda for the day!

I wouldn’t consider Caldwell an all day hiking type of place, but if you have a few hours and you are looking for some beautiful scenery, wildlife, and exercise , this is a great place to visit. We will definitely be back!

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