Help, Rodent’s Infesting Your Home? These Tips Will Help You Keep them At Bay

It’s one of those things that can send shivers down your spine. Unexpected noises that are coming from the roof or walls of your home. Droppings littered around your house with no explanation as to where they came from. This is where you could be in a serious threat of a rodent infestation. They are never nice.
While it’s always best advised to get in a rodent control company to clear your home from the problem, there are things you can do to keep them at bay. With that in mind, I thought i would share with you some of those tips. Hopefully helping you rid yourself of this problem for good.


Rodents are attracted to the smell that foods give off. This is what can attract them into your home in the first place. Which is why it is always best to keep your food in sealed containers to avoid any contamination and encouragement.


Take care of your outdoor disposal area


While it’s just as important to keep food sealed indoors, the same rule applies for outdoor waste. This is where your problem could start. Ensuring your bins have secured lids and that your waste is properly disposed of often is a great way to keep rodents at bay. It’s also a great idea to keep waste disposal areas clean, to avoid attracting unwanted pests.




Consider a pet cat


While it may not be the best answer, a pet cat can be a deterrent to rodents. They will avoid places where they can feel threatened, and a cat should do the trick here.


Look out for any holes in your home


You may be very aware of taking care of the general maintenance of your home, but sometimes these things can go unnoticed. Rodents can fit through very small spaces. So look out for holes around pipework that will allow them to gain entry into your home. If needed, seal them up as best you can.


Remove potential homes and breeding grounds


Rats like to burrow in leaf piles and under bushes where they are sheltered. So try and keep these kinds of things to a minimum. Clear your garden away and keep things tidy and also cut back your bushes. If you struggle with garden maintenance, it may be good idea to consider having a gardener visit regularly. They also consider nesting areas to be things like shredded paper so keep your recycling area as tidy as possible with all bin lids shut.


Keep the toilet seat down


While this may be an extreme situation rats can swim and round bends. Sp getting up pipework is no problem. You would be a greater risk if you lived close by to rivers or canals, where rodents are more prevalent. So keep that toilet seat down, you have been warned.


While some people will struggle with this issue more than others, it’s vital to keep your home and outside areas as clean as possible. This will always be a deterrent to rodents and hopefully, will avoid you having to call out the exterminators anytime soon.


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