Heal, Don’t Conceal Your Rosacea with Prosacea® Medicated Gel

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Prosacea for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Things happen when you have kids – it’s like an alien takes over your body and things just start going on you’d never think would happen to you. Like hair in weird places, and weird red bumps and irritations on my skin. First it was on my arms, then my legs, and eventually on my face! I didn’t know what was going on ,until my Doctor diagnosed me with rosacea.

Before I knew how to treat my symptoms, I tried to hide them. But do you know how make-up does on your arms and legs (even the ‘waterproof’ kind)? Not so well. . even on my face, I could still see the redness of the rosacea and I was super self conscience to go swimming, or even go work out since I knew that the sweat would rub it off eventually.

That’s why my Doctor (and dermatologist) suggest  Prosacea Medicated Rosacea Gel does not cover up rosacea symptoms but actually controls the redness, bumps and irritation. It can be used alone ,or under your moisturizer, or even under makeup to help treat and heal –  you want it to heal, not just conceal!


Prosacea is a light water-based formula that goes on easily and absorbs quickly – and isn’t even noticeable under my makeup. The aloe helps soothe the dry, reddened skin. Within a few days I noticed a difference not only on my face, but my legs and arms as well. You wouldn’t even know by looking at me that I’ve ever suffered from rosacea. Even my arms and legs are looking a lot better, and I know with continuous usage I’m confident it will be gone in no time!


What is the best way you’ve dealt with rosacea? Share your tips below and 1 lucky reader will win a Prosacea care package!

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“Like with everything in your medicine cabinet, please make sure to read and follow all label instructions before using Prosacea”

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