Have a Healthy, Quick Breakfast with Special K® Red Berries

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Special K® Red Berries.

We’ve already talked about it, but I think I’m still in shock. How can summer really already be over? I think the hardest part (at least for me) is getting our morning routine going again. Gone are the lazy mornings of summer (at least for the kids – I still worked everyday) and with the kids agreeing that we are not only going to have a smooth, non-rushed routine in the mornings, they also agreed they were going to work on eating healthier with me, which I think I was the most excited about!


I’m coming pretty close to mastering the healthy nutritious packed lunches (go me) but I have to tell you breakfast has already been a bit of a struggle. My kids and I love sugary cereals (I know it’s awful,don’t judge me) so we decided to give Kellogg’s Special K Red Berries a try, and we all love it!


I love that the Special K Red Berries is made with whole grains and real strawberries. Having this and milk makes a nutritionally rich breakfast full of fiber, folic acid and vitamin D.. and it taste fantastic!

I have been enjoying them everyday for breakfast for the past few weeks, and also for a night time snack if I’m hungry after a work out.


Special K is partnering with chef and T.V. personality Laura Vitale to help women learn that nutritious food can be delicious food. Special K wants to help support you on your weight wellness journey and show that with just a few food swaps throughout the day is step in the right direction for your happiness – read more about their program here.


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Special K® Red Berries.




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