Happy, Healthy Cats with SHEBA – and Your Chance to WIN

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For most of my life I have been surrounded by dogs. I grew up with them, I don’t ever remember not having one. A few months ago my daughter’s begged to adopt some kittens from our local shelter – my oldest has been obsessed with cats for awhile now (I think we can thank Taylor Swift for that)  and since they are getting a bit older and able to take care of more on their own, I agreed. It didn’t take them long to get online and find the kittens at the shelter and pick one out for each of them.
Meet Mickey and Allison (aka Allie). It’s funny how the kittens personalities match the girl who picked them out. Mickey is the tabby cat that my youngest daughter picked out – he’s sweet (when he wants to be) and when he knows he’s doing something wrong (like jumping up  on the kitchen table!) and I catch him, he runs and hides and then later finds me to apologize. ..just like my daughter. The other kitten the calico, Allison, is a very stubborn little booger. She does not like physical affection (like my oldest daughter), and when she is caught doing wrong (getting into food, on the table, jumping up the curtains, etc) she meows at me talking back (again, like my oldest) and I have to pick her up and move her myself!

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So though we’ve been having a blast learning the personalities of our newest family members, I was unsure about everything related to cats – from kitty litter boxes to food!

Luckily, I was introduced to Sheba cat food. Sheba is dedicated to responsible sourcing of  raw ingredients and premium quality – from selecting ingredients and preparing the recipes.


We had started giving the kittens dry kitten food – but you could tell it wasn’t something that was enjoyable for them, and from the list of ingredients  on the bag  I couldn’t blame them.

However,with Sheba they can’t wait to eat. When I wake up in the morning they are following me around waiting to be fed!


Does your cat love Sheba too?? Vocalpoint wants to give you the chance to win a years worth of Sheba cat food!!
Share your photo of your cat or kitten enjoying Sheba and post to Twitter, Instagram or Vocalpoint with the hashtag #SwitchToSHEBA – contest ends 9/1 see the rules here

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