GrowingGenerations – Lives Created, Worlds Changed

The decision to start a family is an important one for any couple. In addition, it can present additional challenges when the couple is of the same sex or HIV positive. GrowingGenerations (GG) specializes in helping everyone start a family no matter what their unique challenges.

Procedures such as surrogacy and egg donation for in vitro fertilization can be very costly. Estimated costs are available on Growing Generations for each procedure so potential clients understand the monetary costs associated with this huge undertaking.

Donors on the site have a profile with an introduction, a personal bio, educational information, and a complete health and family history. GG has a video available for every donor.

GG is also one of a very few agencies that takes advantage of a new technology developed in 2006 that allows HIV positive men to become biological parents through in vitro fertilization. Since the breakthrough technology, GG has helped 50 babies be born to HIV positive men.

GG doesn’t discriminate against people for being gay or single. Sexual orientation and martial status do not factor into the definition of family at GG. They offer an excellent, professional service coupled with a safe, non-discriminatory environment that no other agency can match. No wonder their motto is “Lives created, worlds changed.”

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