The Girls Guide to the Glove Box

I hate the stereotype that girls don’t know anything about cars – I’ve loved cars since I was a kid. I could identify a make and model faster than most of my guy friends; (I guess maybe I wasn’t your typical girl either!) So the idea that women don’t know anything about a car when it comes to purchasing – or maintaining vehicles- doesn’t sit well with me. I think we can be a perfect balance of the girly girl, and the one who knows about ‘car stuff’.

My list of must-have’s for the glove box is more of an essentials for the car – from extra shoes, to jumper cables.

                                    This post is sponsored by Len Stoler Chevrolet. 

Emergency Kit. Like every other list of essentials for the car, an emergency kit is a necessity. I recommend updating it with the seasons – so 4 times a year – you will go in and update the bottles of water, the non-perishable snacks (that eventually do expire, so you don’t want nasty snacks and water because you didn’t update your kit), band-aids, neosporin, switch out the parka and blanket from the winter for a raincoat and flip flops for the summer, etc. Make sure your flash light has fresh batteries, duct tape (remember, you can fix about anything with duct tape) and I always like to throw in an entire extra outfit in there too – you’d be surprised how often that comes in handy! (and yes, extra undies and t-shirts for the kiddos too!)

Mace or a Taser – Your Choice. It’s always good to have protection just in case; especially if you are a woman that travels alone often. Always of course, be aware of your surroundings, but having something to help protect yourself so you can get away in a hurry if you need to gives you peace of mind. I keep mine in the glove box for easy access!

Misc Personal Items. More items I keep in my glove box (and not in an emergency kit) are extra feminine hygiene products, Benadryl (for any type of allergic reaction) pain relievers, tweezers, fingernail clippers, an extra key (has came in handy quite often) wet wipes, napkins (just collect them from your visits to fast food restaurants) a notebook and a few pens, an extra phone charger and portable battery pack.

Important Papers. Make sure you have your registration, insurance cards (Make sure you update them when they come in the mail, so you aren’t driving around with expired ones -even though some states accept electronic ID cards on your smartphone, not all do – and from what I have experienced a lot of the police officers just don’t like them!). Also keep a list of important phone numbers, some emergency cash and quarters, and your vehicles manual in case you need to do some hands on work yourself.

Spare Tire – Lug Wrench – Tire Pressure Gauge. As much as I love to call AAA like the next girl, but sometimes you gotta’ do it yourself. However, you need to have the tools to be able to do it yourself. Make sure your spare tire has air, and that you have a car jack and lug wrench and a tire pressure gauge is always a good idea as well.

Jumper Cables. Jumper cables or one of those battery-operated ones so you can jump your own car (even better) is definitely an essential.







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  1. Stephanie says:

    Thank you sooo much for putting this out there because not enough women know about cars! We need to be better prepared whenever we are out driving considering that literally anything can happen at anytime. What do we do if we are in a situation where our cars fail, we are out in the middle of nowhere and we dont know what to do then?

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