Getting Rid of those Flu Bug Germs in Your Vehicle

We Lysol our bathroom, our doorknobs, every surface our kids touch when they have had the flu. But how often do we think about our vehicle? Getting rid of those flu bug germs in your vehicle is just as important, and can be a pretty simple task.

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The steering wheel, gear shift, space near the cup holder, window switches and door handles are areas where bacteria and other germs are commonly found in cars, which is definitely no bueno for stopping the spreading of any virus. So we have some practical tips that can help you get rid of the germs in your car!

The most common place that is touched, yet neglected when it comes to cleaning. I would highly recommend using disinfectant wipes, then wiping it down with a wet rag to make sure its germ free.

Most cup holders have hard to reach crevices that need cleaned – you can use dip a cotton swab into cleaning solution and clean up the hard to reach areas. If the cup holder is removable, take it in and put it in the dish washer or wash by hand.

Anywhere a hand may touch – needs to be wiped down. When I am doing a deep clean on my car, I wipe down the entire door with a disinfect wipe, then follow-up with a wet cloth to wash away the cleaner and any left behind germs. Also make sure to get the dashboard, glove box, and any other area little sick hands may have touched.


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