I Get Knocked Down, I Get Up Again: The Struggle of Trying to Lose Weight

When I originally started this blog my idea was to share my weight loss journey and be an inspiration to those struggling. I could see my ‘before and after’ pictures being used across the internet and me telling everyone, “If I can do it, ANYONE can do it!”

I started out strong, but just like a lot of people life got in the way – and not just little stuff. Sometimes it was life changing things that were happening, and I don’t handle the stress so well. I tend to spiral out of control like a junkie, food being my drug.

Ok not quite like this picture above – but I think you get my drift

I have fluctuated with my weight soo much over the past few years I regularly keep my ‘fat pants’ and my ‘skinny pants’ in the same drawer. They never get stored or given away. A few times I was soo close to my first goal weight I could almost taste it..then something would happen in my life that would cause me to just give up completely. Have you ever had things happen in your life where you just couldn’t concentrate on anything else? It was a constant distraction? Well I’ve had a few of these over the years – and my diet and work out schedule was always the first thing that went out the window!

Well recently something happened that really got me thinking on why I wanted to lose weight in the first place – an old friend of mine, one I went to junior high with – recently passed away.

Now I am only 36 years old; I’ve lost old schoolmates and friends to drugs, suicide, and car accidents – which is horrible and traumatizing as it is, but this is the first friend I’ve ever lost to a health related issue.

It really got me thinking – that could easily be me. 

Though I don’t look overly obese, and though I don’t consider myself a lazy person I spend a good 10 hours a day sitting on a computer.
I haven’t been to the gym in months.
I drink Coke like its going out of style, and I have a junk food drawer at my office.
My Subway lunch has been replaced with McDonald’s and Taco Bell.
Sweets aren’t a treat – but an everyday part of my diet.

It hit me. That could of easily been me; I am not taking care of my body and my healthy like I should. Not only for me, but for my kids! What have I been thinking?! I’m staying conflicted and stressed about things in my life that I cannot control, but selfishly letting the things I could control – get out of control!

So my goal and promise – to you and myself – is to take back control.
I won’t always be perfect; but I am going to do my best to focus my life and this blog back to my original focus. Weight loss – health – fitness. I will always share all the other cool fun stuff that’s going on – and probably some sweet treat recipes – but overall I’m getting back to the basics!

Feel free to follow along with my journey here – or follow me on Pinterest where I will be scouring the web for tips and recipes!

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