Fun and Free Things to Do in Cleveland

We are just hours outside of Cleveland, so we are planning a weekend long trip to visit Cleveland this summer, and I’ve been doing some research – there is a ton of cool free stuff to do in Cleveland that the whole family will enjoy; here’s a few we plan on checking out.

West Side Market
The West Side Market is Cleveland’s oldest public market where over 100 producers, artisans, and vendors sell their wares. Market stalls brim with charcuterie and meats, succulent seafood, freshly picked fruits and veggies, dairy products, fresh flowers, spices, nuts and more. Bakers also sell homemade baked bread, pastries, and more. Artisan chefs and cooks offer delicious ready-to-eat meals. The market offers authentic and culturally diverse shopping experience to locals and visitors, one of the best foodie adventures in Cleveland!

Cleveland Museum of Art
Free and open to the public, the Cleveland Museum of Art is one of the country’s most distinguished cultural institutions and of the of the top attractions in Cleveland. Housed in a beautifully preserved neo- classic building of white marble, the museum lies at the center of the city’s Fine Arts Garden. It has an awesome collection of more than 30,000 works of wart that span over 5,000 years – works from ancient Egypt, world-renowned masterpieces from Europe, Asia and Africa including permanent collection boasting Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh and Warhol.

Greater Cleveland Aquarium
The aquarium opened in 2012 and spread over more than 70,000 square feet of exhibition areas, a 230,000 gallon tank with a unique walk through acrylic shark tunnel, and a variety of exhibits with local and exotic species of fish. There’s many different exhibits that are quite fascinating and I can’t wait to walk through – Lakes and Rivers of the World, the Indo-Pacific Zone, Discovery Zone, Coastal and (my favorite) the Coral Reef. There’s also a 175 foot shark tunnel that offers panoramic views including lots of different shark species.

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland – Learning Center & Money Museum
Ever wondered how we bought things before money existed? And, who makes our money anyway? These questions and more are answered at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland’s Learning Center and Money Museum.

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Little Italy
Little Italy is a culturally rich area located around Mayfield road – that brings a slice of Italy to the heart of Cleveland. Established by Italian sculptor Joseph Carrabelli in the 1880’s when he began sculpting granite and marble works, the area soon began to fill up with Italian families and the heritage of Little Italy is still celebrated. It’s brimming with art galleries, restaurants, cafes, and delis and the area is one of the most beloved cities in the area – and talk about the night life. Dining and entertainment is booming – and Little Italy really comes alive during various festivals and special occasions such as The Feast of the Assumption, the Art Walks, and all types of fun-filled summer nights.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum
Last but certainly not least, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum. It’s dedicated to showcasing some of the best rock and roll’s greatest performers and contributors. It was designed by a world-renowned architect and it’s located on the shores of Lake Erie. This world class museum engages and inspires visitors with the power of good ol’ rock & roll with its impressive collections, exhibits and displays. The museum also has featured exhibits like the Rock Portraits by Herb Ritts, The Pink Floyd Wall, Legends of Rock, and more. This is definitely one spot you do not want to miss!


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