Making Lunches Fun (and healthy) with Fruitshoot

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I don’t know about you, but lunch packing can get tedious and stressful around our house – one kid doesn’t like this or that, then the other kid doesn’t like something else. Very rarely am I packing similar lunches for any of my 3 children. Which means I’m buying a lot more groceries and spending a lot more money just to get things that my kids will all eat for lunch. At least until recently – when we discovered Fruitshoot drinks,

Someone notify the presses – it’s a miracle! All 3 of my children – ages 12, 10 and 5, all love Fruitshoot drinks. My oldest was the one I was concerned about; she doesn’t like drinks that are overly sugary, but loves drinks that have caffeine – so I am doing my best to get her away from those. She was skeptical at first, but she loves Fruitshoots especially the orange flavor. My middle daughter favored the grape, and of course my son who is fruit drinking fool, loves them all. FINALLY a drink that I can pack for lunches, trips and long car rides that they all love. SCORE!

Fruitshoot drinks are a great alternative to other sugary flavored drinks, here are some of the reasons we now ALL love Fruitshoot:

  • This fun hydration drink is perfect for energetic, independent kids who desire fun on the go. It contains real fruit juice, no high-fructose corn syrup, and no added sugar or natural flavors.
  • Fruitshoot lets moms balance the hydration their kids need with the taste that they love, making hydration fun for kids and easy for moms.
  • It has a new no-spill cap, perfect for children of all ages, and contains no fructose corn syrup, making it a much better option than other flavored drinks.
  • Fruitshoot also features an innovative no-spill cap (no more juice stains in the car!) making it easy for kids to be independent and on the go. These vibrant fun colored bottles come in tasty flavors of Orange, Apple, Berry Burst, and Strawberry/Raspberry.



Right now with purchase of Fruitshoot, there is the option for a free download of an Angry Birds game, perfect for parents to play with their kids.
Download the Angry Birds game and enter the code on the back of your Fruitshoot bottle to play!

You can find Fruitshoot at the following Retailers: Walmart, KMart, Kroger, Lowes Foods, Harris Teeter, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Spartan, Speedway, Meijer Gas, Sheetz, Kangaroo, WilcoHess, Handee Hugo, Family Fare, Giant Eagles, Marc’s, Dave’s, UDF, Traxx, Redi Mart, J Clarks


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27 Responses to Making Lunches Fun (and healthy) with Fruitshoot

  1. Oooh, I bet my kids would like these. I wish I knew how many calories were in each bottle, though. I will have to look if I see them at the store.

  2. Krystal says:

    The low sugar aspect is important. Thanks for sharing!

  3. alittlemoore says:

    We need to check these out! I love that Fruitshoot has a no spill cap too! Healthy and spill proof, that is a winner in my book!

  4. `These would be a BIG hit in my house too.. very fun treat for the kiddos

  5. Candy O. says:

    Hey you had me at No HFC 🙂 Will be looking for this brand.

  6. I love that they’re low in sugar! My daughter would love the grape one just because it’s purple!

  7. louidam1 says:

    My daughters would love these drinks! Currently I pack Capri Sun’s in my daughter’s lunch pails and at times they have a hard time opening it and the teachers would have to help them.

  8. My oldest would love these for her lunches. I like that you could reuse the bottle too.

  9. Never heard of these before! I will have to check them out, they sound good!

  10. These look like really great drinks and I’m glad they are low in sugar. I’ll have to try these out when my daughter is a little older.

  11. I like that there is no high-fructose corn syrup and actually contains juice. I have not seen but I will have to look for them

  12. I know my little ones would love these! I like the lower sugar and fruit concept over sodas.

  13. My husband loves fruit drinks as a good substitute for sodas. He would love the strawberry/raspberry combination 🙂

  14. Kecia says:

    I love that these are made with real fruit juice and not all those additives. Makes me much more likely to add it to a lunch for my kiddo!

  15. gaynycdad says:

    I wonder if these are available in NYC? My son wold love these drinks!

  16. I believe it’s appealing to kids because of its color and design. Thankfully, it is not only fun, but also healthy at the same time. 🙂

  17. Aimee says:

    You gotta love something that ALL of the kids like! These sound like they are awesome!

  18. I haven’t seen these any where. Are they carbonated?

  19. Angry Birds fruit drinks? I haven’t seen those yet!

  20. Jennifer says:

    I like that they have low sugar and low calories. I still don’t know how I feel about the artificial coloring in them though.

  21. those look so good, I know my kids would love them.

  22. Do they make you thirsty when you drink them? (weird question I know) but I get really thirsty when I drink some of those fruit juices.

  23. Theresa says:

    My nephew would love these! He is big into angry birds! I like that they are low in sugar too!

  24. Ooooh, I bet my girls would love these! They also love the angry birds. Bonus low cal and low sugar!

  25. Brandy says:

    I have seen these at the stores before but never tried them. I guess I should give them a shot now that I’ve learned more about them!

  26. Kendra says:

    I loved hearing about this drink for all the reasons you listed. I will be looking for it everywhere.

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