Four Things Your Appearance Could Be Saying About You

People say that, on average, we form our first impressions within the first three seconds of meeting someone. While it is possible to change these initial reactions over time, wouldn’t it be easier if they were already working in your favor? Instead of having to prove that someone misjudged you, wouldn’t it be simpler if your appearance was helping you to make a positive first impression? Take a look at the following examples of what your appearance could be saying about you, and how to make sure it is making a positive impact.

Your teeth

Studies have shown that people with straight, white teeth are 38% more likely to be considered intelligent. We might notice that judgements like this are made about the appearance of a person’s teeth, not about the person’s level of oral hygiene. Therefore, you may have the healthiest teeth in the world, but if they are not aesthetically pleasing, they are not doing you any favours. Remember to brush your teeth regularly, floss, or perhaps even look into teeth whitening or adult braces.

Your glasses

It is common to make assumptions about a person based on what glasses they are wearing. In the past, wearing glasses was seen as nerdy and consequently suggested intelligence. However, over the years, glasses have also become a popular fashion accessory, with some people even wearing frames with no lenses to appear trendier. It is not just the glasses themselves that may lead people to cast judgement; it is also the style and shape of the glasses in question. That is why it is essential to choose the perfect pair of glasses for you. Remember, take your time and select the right frames for your face.

Your body

A fit and healthy body is a great way to show that you care about your health as well as your appearance. Enjoying exercise doesn’t have to equal losing weight or being thin. Instead, exercising should be about toning your muscles and gaining strength. You can take part in exercise at any size, and there are plenty more options than simply visiting the gym. Yoga is perfect for relaxation, swimming is a great full-body workout, and spin classes are a fantastic way to socialize. Exercising can also help to open up your pores, improve your posture, and add definition to your shape.

Your hair

Making sure that your hair is healthy is a great way to send the right message. Thin and greasy hair has connotations of poor health or a lack of personal hygiene. Thick and glossy hair, however, suggests you know how to take care of yourself. Unless you are one of the few rare people with naturally luscious locks, why not invest in a Keratin conditioner? It will help to increase the volume of your hair without leaving it heavy or sticky and will ensure that you will have full and fantastic tresses. Follow all these steps and be sure to make exactly the right kind of impression on whoever you meet.


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