Fashion Tips for the Grand National:

Ask any non-Millennial Brit who Red Rum is and they’ll be sure to tell you it was a famous racing horse. And not just any horse, the most successful ever at the Grand National winning it three times during the 1970’s.

The Grand National isn’t just a race for older men wanting to bet a couple of pounds here and there. Everyone in the country is buzzing around April in the build-up. We all know about it and most of us want to have a little bet. Some of us are lucky enough to get a ticket and have the chance to see it live.

Remember that 600 million people will be watching from all around the world – you don’t want a fashion disaster the moment the camera flashes across you!

So, let me cover a few fashion tips for attending this year’s Grand National.

What Day Should I Go?

Not many fans know that the Grand National takes part over three days between the 6th and 8th April. The famous race is on the last day. Fashion lovers go on the 7th to Lady’s Day where we have a chance to show off our best looks.

Whatever day you go, it’s always good to have a little bet. You don’t have to go over the top and you should always gamble responsibly. You can check out the latest trends below to help you choose your horse:

How to Dress for the Grand National:

There’s no official dress code, but you’re expected to dress smart. The level of formalness depends on where you’re sitting. If you’re in some of the stands or one of the executive boxes, you definitely need to look a million dollars. Women will hire their dresses months in advance!

Less formal is acceptable for other parts of the track, which gives you more flexibility. And the race is held during spring so the weather (hopefully) won’t be chilly.

A top fashion tip for the Grand National is to wear something bold to stand out. Florals are also quite popular amongst the ladies. At the same time, avoid wearing too much makeup or covering yourself in jewellery; wear something classic like Charlotte Chesnais Jewellery. And colours that are especially bright are a big no-no. You want to stand out, but not look like you’re overdoing it all, right?

The best piece of advice that I’ve ever received is that dressing for the Grand National is almost like dressing for someone’s wedding.

What Should I Wear on My Feet?

Be practical about your shoes. I know that we all love wearing high heels and that they make you look glamourous. However, you’re also going to be standing and walking around during the day.

If you want to wear heels, wear some that are sensible and practical. Flat shoes are coming back into fashion and are stylish, safer and more comfortable.

It all boils down to personal taste, but just remember to be practical and comfortable.

Do I Need to Wear a Hat?

You don’t have to wear a hat if you don’t want to. Most women do and let’s be honest, donning an elegant hat is fun. Choosing the perfect hat is never easy. My tip is to look at the photos from last year to find your inspiration and to learn the things to avoid. Then, order one online.

Takeaway Message:

The best day to show off your fashion at the Grand National is on Lady’s Day. Dress formally for the stands and executive boxes. Be more practical if you’re anywhere else and take into consideration that you’re going to be on your feet and walking a lot.

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