Fall Cleaning Tips

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It’s one of my favorite times of year – Fall! Though summer ending makes me sad, I love the cooler weather, leaves falling, campfires, hoodies and sweatpants. Fall is also the perfect chance to get organized, cleaned-up and prepared for winter.


There’s a lot of things that can be done in the fall to prepare you for winter (which actually makes for an easier spring) the key is to be prepared and have a list of everything you need to get done.

Pack Up the Deck.
It seems like once summer is over – it’s over fast. So making sure all your ‘summer’ stuff is picked up and packed up is the first step. Clean and dry and items you plan to store or cover – such as outdoor furniture. Store or winterize your pool, and any toys or items that are normally left out during the summer. Get a waterproof cover for your grill, so you can still use it through the fall or even winter months. Also I would suggest cleaning out hte gutters, Trust me – you’ll be glad you did once the first snow comes!

Clean The Garage.
If you are like me you have a tendency to let things go a little during summer – after all, you’re too busy having fun right? The garage (or basement) tends to be a junk collector for us – as we clean out bedrooms and closets, so this is the perfect time to get rid of all your junk and organize. We always have a ‘fall’ yard sale, and then donate anything left to Goodwill. For anything else that you need to store, buy hooks, peg boards, and shelves to store and organize it. Not only does it make room for your car to actually fit in the garage during the winter, but it gets you a bit more organized and ready for the holidays as well.

“Refresh” Your Home. 
Again, there’s a lot of stuff that gets left for “later” when you’re busy having fun during the summer. But school is back in session – and so are the chores! Do your ‘spring’ cleaning – in the fall. De-junk, de-clutter, organize, do some deep cleaning and make the home smell good as new with products like Swiffer Wet Jet and Febreze.

The New Swiffer Wet Jet has a new pad with absorb & lock strips for improved absorption -making it easier to clean up dirt and grime.
The new cleaning solution formula is more effective for cleaning, and the dual-spray nozzle gives off a powerful spray for a better clean.

Spritz your curtains and couch (or even your car) with the new, woodsy scent of Febreze Fabric Refresher Big Sur to add a touch of fall. I love using Febreze to freshen up each week to make my house smell clean and welcoming!



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