Eye allergies and Pataday

Similarly to other allergies, eye allergies are usually hereditary. Furthermore, they often appear together with other allergic reactions. When a patient has this issue, his eyes are sensitive to different, volatile substances in his midst. Even though this matter is not necessarily damaging to organism, person will experience numerous symptoms. In medical practice, any substance that can lead to allergy is called allergen. For example, dust, which is harmless to most people, can cause excessive secretion of tears and mucous in eyes. Besides regular issues, allergies can also lead to some other complications like pink eye or asthma. Combined nasal and eye allergy can cause state known as rhinoconjunctivitis.

Commons symptoms include red, teary eyes or itching, runny nose, coughing and sneezing, itching of the nose, throat or mouth as well as headaches due to stuffy sinuses. Additionally, patient may experience fatigue or he may lack sleep.

Various substances that are present in our environment can lead to this state. In most of the cases, these agents are airborne. This way, they can easily come into contact with patient’s nose and eyes. The list includes things such as pollen, mold, dust and animal hair. Other things that are commonly causing allergies, such as bee sting or certain types of food usually do not cause eye issues. Sometimes, patient may also be sensitive to antibiotic eye drops, other types of drugs or even cosmetic products.

Every medical expert will recommend avoiding all these substances as the first line of defense. Some things can easily be avoided. You can give up your pets or you can clean your home more often. During blooming season, when there is a lot of pollen in the air, stay at home and turn on air conditioning. Use high quality filters that can prevent these allergens from reaching your eyes. Similarly, use glasses that are really tight in order to prevent irritation of eye membrane. Drive your car with windows shut. If none of this helps, you can always buy Pataday online and quickly eliminate most of the symptoms that were troubling you.

Have in mind that watery eyes can sometimes be caused by dry eye syndrome. When a person has allergic reaction, histamine in his body will cause crying and watery nose. On the other hand, this syndrome, even though it seems illogical, can also cause similar reaction. Precisely due to this dryness, glands will start with hyper production of tears in order to lubricate the tissue. Before you take any action, make sure to visit the doctor and determine what the precise problem you are facing is.

Pharmacists from You! Drugstore suggest using Pataday as a great way to eliminate most of the eye issues caused by allergy. Medicine blocks histamine eliminating unwanted symptoms. Have in mind that Pataday needs to be used preventively, before you come into contact with problematic substances. Even though this drug is regarded as pretty safe, it may cause issues such as sore throat, headache and stuffy and runny nose.

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