The “Essential” Essential Oil Diffuser

As you know I have been leaning my family towards a more natural way of life – when possible (and not too difficult). Part of this lifestyle change has included the use of essential oils; which actually can be useful for a ton of ailments. I talked to you earlier this week about the natural flea and tick remedy – and we’ve discussed uses of lavender oil and coconut oils in the past.

One effective – and easy- way to get the most out of your essential oils is to use an essential oil diffuser.  (I particularly like this oil diffuser from Organic Aromas – there’s not water or heat needed to diffuse the oil).

These type of diffusers are considered one of the most powerful type – they don’t need the water or heat to get the essential oil in the air, and they work by using an atomizer to make airborne particles of essential oils fine enough to be blown into the air.

There are a ton of benefits to diffusing the oils in the diffuser – such as relaxation and sleep, mood enhancing, helps ward of illness, pain relief, breathing easier, and more. Besides the health benefits – they smell awfully good too! I use lavender a lot in my house, which makes the entire house smell good, and its a mood enhancer and helps eliminate stress (something everyone in my house seems to need!)

If you aren’t a believer  – just give it a few days, and you will notice a huge difference. I sleep better, and overall feel better since we’ve been using diffusers in my home.


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