3 Steps to Spring Cleaning Your Car

The flowers are blooming, the weather is warming, and the clocks sprung forward – Spring is almost here! If you are like me, the panic starts to strike (not only about trying to fit in my shorts for the summer) but to get my household in tip-top shape! With spring showers, and baseball practices on the horizon, I always start on the outside and work my way in – which is why my car is one of the first things on my Spring Cleaning ‘To Do List.”

Winters can be harsh – especially on your vehicle. The cold temps, the ice, the snow, and especially the salt – can reek havoc on your vehicle. I’ve came up with some simple steps to get your car ready to shine – both inside and out – for the Spring.


Car Wash. Simple first step to getting your vehicle ready for Spring is to give it a good washing. This isn’t just running your car through the car wash at the gas station – you need to give your car some TLC. Start by spraying the wheel wells and undercarriage to remove all the salt and grit build-up. Start at the bottom and work your way up – clean every nook and cranny you can find. You’d be surprised where that salt can hide! After you wash and rinse your car, dry your car with a soft fiber cloth. Be sure to clean the inside and out windows with a glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth (I prefer to use paper towels).

Interior ‘Bath’. I honestly avoid looking in the backseat of my car whenever possible – especially during the winter. My son is just a mess pot, and the snow and mud and salt from the winter only highlight his ability to make everything dirty!
The first thing I do when I am cleaning the inside of my car is to remove all the excess ‘junk’. The toys, the water bottles, the extra pair of shoes, and whatever else has gotten lost under or in the seats. Secondly, vacuum! Vacuum the heck out of the floor mats, the seats, even the trunk. Move seats up and back (or even out if you can) to make sure you get every bit of dirt and grim out of the vehicle. You also might want to use cleaners particular to your cars interior – like upholstery, leather, plastic, etc. I’ve found a ton of these products at the Dollar Store. I would also suggest getting a can of compressed air (you know, the kind you clean your computer and keyboard with) so you can get the little icky dust and dirt specs out of the console, vents, and other small crevices.

Maintenance. Besides just looking nice, you want to make sure that your car will run nice too! Making sure to do some ‘spring maintenance’ is a great idea to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. Make sure to check all your fluids (oil, coolant, washer fluid, etc). Check and replace wiper blades (I’ve noticed after winter I almost always need to replace my wiper blades). Rotate tires (or switch from your winter to your all-season tires). And also make sure to make an appointment for service maintenance based on your vehicles mileage.


This post is sponsored in part by Reedman-Toll Subaru.


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